City Council

City Council

P.R.E.Z For Council Fundraiser

PREZ invited you to "P.R.E.Z For Council Fundraiser" on Thursday, August 13 at 6:30pm.

Event: P.R.E.Z For Council Fundraiser - "Support the candidate that supports you."
What: Dinner Party
Host: PFC Campaign
Start Time: Thursday, August 13 at 6:30pm
End Time: Thursday, August 13 at 9:30pm
Where: Golden Corral

Rob Ludeman for Council Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser

Event: Rob Ludeman for Council Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser
""Help Bring Common Sense Back to Toledo City Council""
What: Benefit
Host: Rob Ludeman for Toledo City Council At-Large
Start Time: Sunday, August 2 at 3:00pm
End Time: Sunday, August 2 at 6:00pm
Where: Shawn's Irish Tavern
4400 Heatherdowns Blvd
Toledo, OH 43614-3147

City Council Candidates Poll

What twelve City Council Candidates do you think will advance to the General Election?

According to NBC 24 here is the list of those who made the deadline to turn in their petitions:

Official Council-at-Large candidate list:

John Adams
Terry Biel
Joe Carter
Mark W Clark
Phillip Copeland
Jeff Cromwell
Tyrone Daniels
Rob Ludeman
Patricia Lyons
Adam J Martinez
Joe McNamara
Kevin Milliken
George Sarantou
Hans G. Schnapp
Terry Shankland
Constantine P. Stamos
Steven C. Steel
Steven L. Sulewski
Polly Taylor-Gerken
William J. Terry
Paul Tetuan

TOLEDO CHANGE! (Comic message)


Candidates Forum slideshow at Kent Branch Library July 19, 2009

Those who attended: Darlene Fisher, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez, Steven Steel, Phil Copeland, Aji Green, Joe McNamara, Ian English, Adam Martinez, Kevin Milliken, Terry Shankland, and Stephen Ward.

TFP: where's the editorial oversight?

This was sent to Michael Miller, editor of the Toledo Free Press for his irresponsible oversight of the story about Kevin Milliken's divorce records. This orginal post was removed from the facebook by Miller as well as from the comments posts on the orginal Free Press story. I guess you can comment, unless you call the editor's oversight into question. Feel free to forward with a SHAME ON MICHAEL MILLER tag!!

Sgt. Paul Tetuan to FIle His Petitions for City Council

Toledo, Ohio. Paul Tetuan, a Sergeant with the Toledo Police Department and an Independent candidate for Toledo City Council, will file his signed petitions Friday afternoon at 1:00, at the Board of Elections.

One of Tetuan's goals as a member of City Council is to make Toledo a business-friendly city. "We need to show businesses that we want them to come to Toledo and bring their jobs with them.

Toledo needs a change

I applied for the open TPS board seat

Here is my letter and resume is attached. I will not accept any money for the appointment to the position and will use it to demonstrate openness with technology, streaming any pubic meeting I attend live, posting any public document within 24 hrs of receiving it, and holding virtual office hours.

July 14, 2009

Toledo Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall Building
420 East Manhattan Boulevard
Toledo OH 43608

Dear Toledo School Board Members,

Toledo City Council Candidate Challenged

The Lucas County Republican Party is challenging a Toledo City Council candidate. The Board of Elections will look over signatures, and residency information, turned in by Kevin Milliken. Milliken is running as an Independent for an at-large council seat. The Teamwork Toledo member says he turned in more than enough valid signatures and a copy of the lease to his home is with the BOE.

This is being reported online by NBC 24 News. You may view it here:
====Press Release====


Republican council candidate promises “Revenue Relief.”

Republican candidate for City Council Mark Clark will be
announcing his plan to revitalize downtown Toledo and to increase
Toledo municipal revenue. His plan is composed of three key parts
that he will discuss at a press conference on Wednesday, July 15th.
“There have been many good proposals made by myself and others
to reduce spending and bring the budget in line with revenues,”
says Clark, “However to date no one has purposed a viable increase

Teamwork Toledo fundraiser "The Attic"

There may be 25 candidates who have turned in petitions to run for Toledo City Council, but only ten have been certified so far for the September 15th primary ballot-- half of those (5) from the coalition of independent candidates known as Teamwork Toledo.

Ton Waniewski's July 2009 Newsletter

BP Pipe
The BP refinery in Oregon is going to be installing new pipeline in District 5. I don't have all the details just yet, but if you live in the neighborhood of Bellevue and points south BP will be boring the pipeline in the vicinity of the railroad tracks between Monroe and Berdan.

With Columbia Gas replacing pipe, and the Douglas Rd./475 construction (see story below), there's a lot of heavy construction going on this summer. Thank you for your patience as these improvements are completed.

Douglas Road Overpass On Schedule

Teamwork Toledo Wine Tasting

Teamwork Toledo
$30.00 includes 5 wines and appetizers
Where: Manhattan’s Restaurant
Union Square -private room
1516 Adams Street
Toledo, OH 43604
July 27th
Space is limited to the first 40 people, so reserve your space today
Enjoy the company, treat your taste buds!
Take advantage of restaurant quality wines!

Meet & Greet for ADAM MARTINEZ

Right Wing Propaganda Thursday With Martinez And Lopez On WSPD

The right wing onslaught continues on Thursday when Adam Martinez, Democrat candidate for council visits to talk about his non partisan effort to defeat the Nine Is Fine proposal. I will try to spin it so it looks like Martinez is being controlled by Dick Cheney.

Teamwork Toledo Member to Submit Council Petitions

WHO: Teamwork Toledo Member Michael Watson

WHAT: Submit Petitions for Primary Ballot

WHEN: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 2 p.m.

WHERE: One Government Center

WHY: Independent Candidate for Toledo City Council

Teamwork Toledo member Michael Watson will submit his petition signatures for consideration by the Lucas County Board of Elections on Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 2 p.m., at One Government Center. Watson is running as an independent for an at-large seat on Toledo City Council.

Right Wing Extremism Posing As A Radio Show - Wednesday

Wednesday D. Michael Collins will be on the show to talk about his run for Mayor, he joins me at 7:30a. Today we had Mike Beazley the County Administrator on to talk about the townships having to pay for Sheriff's protection starting in 2010. That interview and one with Andy Glenn of Springfield Township are podcast on also from today a short talk with State Sen. Mark Wagoner about the Ohio budget. Harmful, yes, but fun to listen to also.

Ward Recommends Dr. Steven Goldman for City Council

Toledo, OH – On tomorrow July 7, City Council will be selecting the new council president, and most likely fill the vacant council seat. The Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee has recommended TPS School Board President Steve Steel to get the vacant seat. With the vacant seat on City Council the Republicans are outnumbered by the Democrats 7-3, with one Independent. Therefore, while those on City Council do not have to accept the recommendation of the Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee...most likely they will.

So-Lousy not running for re-election

Was on the news last night that Frank 'living dead' So-Lousy isn't going to try a lifetime career in lucas county after all. WOO-HOO!! Break out the champagne!! They're dropping like flies!!

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