City Council

City Council

Panel will review Bihn's finances

From today's Blade:

Apparent violations of state election law involving an Oregon city councilman's campaign finance reports have been referred to the Ohio Elections Commission for possible action.

The Lucas County Board of Elections referred Councilman Sandy Bihn to the commission for apparently violating campaign finance law when she used her husband's professional credit card account to pay for expenditures, said Olga Vallejo, a campaign finance examiner. A candidate cannot use a third party's credit card for campaign expenditures, elections board Director Jill Kelly said.

Szollosi humiliated her, Brown asserts

In this week's Toledo Journal:

Was Frank Szollosi mocking Wilma Brown at last week

Sign the gifts ban

Toledo Free Press is asking the Toledo council to implement a gift ban.

Read it here

Glass City Jungle email challenge


Glass City Jungle is hosting a contact challenge. You can see which council members respond to their email. You can follow the story at Glass City Jungle

3 on council facing party chief's wrath over president vote

In Today's Toledo Blade:

Three Democratic Toledo City Council members who are identified with the so-called A-wing of the party may not be endorsed for re-election if they don't mend fences with B-team members who currently run the party, the party chairman said yesterday.

The three councilmen expressed disbelief that Lucas County Democratic Chairman John Irish is threatening to withhold party support. Two of the councilmen remain under a sanction imposed in 2005 for not supporting the party's choice for a vacancy appointment on council.

Fractured Democrats can't profit on majority

Toledo Democrats yesterday proved how badly fractured they are by failing to muster a simple majority to call for a vote on president of City Council.

Yesterday's move on behalf of Democratic Councilman Wilma Brown garnered only four votes, leaving Republican Rob Ludeman in charge despite the fact that Democrats occupy eight of council's 12 seats.

What do you think?

You can read the entire article:


19% (3 votes)
50% (8 votes)
31% (5 votes)
Total votes: 16

2 young Democrats in spotlight

They are two young and energetic Democrats who campaigned on a message of change.

One, Ben Konop, was a candidate for Lucas County commissioner. The other, Joe McNamara, was a candidate for Toledo City Council. Both were elected in November.

Read the Blade article:

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