City Council

City Council

Blatant Right Wing Radio Promotion- Mayor Bell On 1370 WSPD Tuesday 7:30

Tuesday morning at 7:30a Mike Bell will be on the show to talk about the budget turned over to City Council this afternoon. 'Nuff said.

What is Phil Copeland up to Now?

I don't read the Blah. I keep hearing that Phil Copeland(d.-Toledo)has tried getting paid for meetings he hasn't attended, or something along those lines. Maybe someone can tell me the gist of some comments he recently made about the subject, as I cannot begin to understand what he said on several clips being played on the radio and TV. I know he rarely makes comments on the air, and after hearing him speak, incoherently, about this issue-I can certainly understand why.

Less than a month in office and Mike Bell wants a tax hike

I'm sorry Toledo, but Mike Bell made his bones as a democrat. I don't know why he didn't choose to run as a democrat, but I never believed that he wouldn't govern as one. Today he asked those of you left in the city who actually pay income taxes to pay more. From 2.25% to 2.5%. But it's only "temporary".

Mike Craig fundraiser Thursday nite 12/10

Mike announced his fundraiser dinner at our Arlingtion neighborhood group tonite. I asked him why he was raising funds , he said it is political , that there is discretion on how to give these funds out . He said for example, he could make a donation to our neighborhood group. I don't think I like the idea , tho I may attend . Mike is approachable , he helps our neighborhood. He said he holds two fundraisers per year. He said other council members will be there.

Councilman Tom Waniewski's Newsletter

Peterson Ditch Cleaning
Toledo City Council at its last meeting gave the go ahead to accept state EPA money ($1.5 million) and combine it with local storm fund dollars (another $1.5 million) to clean up Peterson Ditch. The city will begin cleaning 400 feet of open ditch and installing more than 10,000 feet of pipe in an area of west Toledo in 2010. The work is expected to have a major impact on flooding in the area.

Did Joe McNamera mislead voters by now wanting to run for Senate before the ink is dry from last election?

81% (66 votes)
19% (15 votes)
Total votes: 81

New Blood For Oregon !!!

It's Time for New Blood in Oregon. Please Vote tomarrow. Nov. 3rd. And put some new people in city govt. And on the school board.

New for city council: Kathleen Pollauf and Sandy Bihn

New for Oregon School Board: Diane Gadus

Lets support these people.

Also, not vote for any of the others and send a real message!

It's time.

Steve Steel:"YOU LIE"

Back in September while giving a speech to Congress concerning Health Care, President Barack Obama was heckled by Senator Joe Wilson. Senator Wilson yelled out to the president, "you lie."
Well, last week after reading Steve Steel's Guest Column in the Sojourner's Truth newspaper, I shouted out to Steve Steel, "you lie." Well, this week I was joined by Jack Ford, Toledo Public School Board member.

Milliken on region's job losses and the economy

Good afternoon. Thanks for coming.

It's no secret Toledo's job situation is terrible at best, devastating at worst.

Families are being forced to make critical decisions in their household budgets. Social services and non-profits are being stretched to the limit. Struggle and survival are becoming the words of the day.

Toledo dropped to 99th out of 100 cities surveyed in the latest Bizjournals and Portfolio-dot-com job analysis.

In sheer numbers alone, the job losses in our community are simply devastating. Here are the facts: Is Now Covering the Toledo City Council Race!, a growing Toledo-based informational and political website, is now covering the 2009 Toledo City Council race. sends questions to all of the candidates, and then posts their responses in a user-friendly side-by-side format. Since the site’s administrators do not edit the candidates’ content, the result is a candid, nonpartisan review of the candidates’ positions on the issues of the campaign.


Join Us For The Facts

In the Annex at the Omni 2567 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, Oh
Sat. Oct. 17th 8pm-11pm

Kevin Milliken endorsed by TPPA , looking for volunteers

Time to hit the last three weeks of the campaign like no one has seen in years. Anyone wanna help volunteer to pass out yard signs, go door to door with literature? Please send me a FB message-- we'll start this Saturday morning rallying the troops!
Just received word I won the endorsement of the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association. That's two votes of confidence in a common-sense, independent candidate! It's going to be an interesting race!

Tricia Lyons campaign resignation statement

I am writing to inform you of my intention to withdraw from the
Toledo City Council at-large race.

While I understand that it will be difficult to remove my name from
already printed ballots, if I should make it through the general
election, I will be unable to serve.

Effectively serving citizens is a very important role for all elected
officials, but given unforeseen changes in my personal life and my own
business taking off, at this time I won't have the time or the
commitment to effectively serve Toledo.

I am humbled that nearly 6,000 people in the city of Toledo came out

Mayoral and council candidates forum at Burroughs school

Both Mayoral Candidates and City Council At-Large Candidates will answer questions devised by the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization and the Highland Heights Neighborhood Association. Please attend and bring a neighbor.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski's Monthly Newsletter

Mayoral Town Hall Discussion
Toledo Mayoral Candidates Mike Bell and Keith Wilkowski will answer questions of residents Sunday, October 11th at 4 p.m. in the gymnasium at the Blessed Sacrament Neighborhood Building on Bellevue. I will be moderating the discussion. It will be a time to learn more about these two candidates in a relaxed setting. Please be there at 3:30 p.m. so we can log your questions and get everyone seated in time for the start at 4 p.m.

Nuisance Property

Is this true?

Oust Webb, take back Point Place

As a former Point Place resident, I watched with amusement as the "Take Back Toledo" campaign worked to get a recall petition on the ballet to oust Carty Finkbeiner as mayor of Toledo. I think it's time for the residents of Point Place to start a new recall campaign to "Take Back Point Place," and oust Lindsay Webb.

Write-in Candidate William Terry's Rally for Youth and Family Programs

What: Write in candidate William Terry's Rally for Youth and Family Programs
Date: October 11
Time: 2-5PM
Where: Wildwood Metropark, first shelter on the left
Why: I will be discussing my views on how Toledo is now, what I would like to see changed in Toledo, and introducing several youth, family, and senior programs to strengthen our families and communities. There will be an opening speech, a meet and greet with food provided, and a closing speech.

Community Organizers Pray To Barak Obama

Here is a video of community organizers praying to Barak Obama. This country is in serious trouble.;jsessionid=BC9321DC0E2C06547C7EDF560D5D892...

Politicians Take A Page From Teamwork Toledo's Strategy

It seems as if some politicians have taken a page from the strategy of Teamwork Toledo.

Endorsed Democrats Joe McNamara, Adam Martinez, Terry Biel, and Aji Green have banded together to spread their message of change and new ideas. They call themselves "Hungry4Change."

They will be campaigning together throughout the city.

McNamara, Martinez, and Biel are endorsed Democrats for Toledo City Council At-Large; Green is an endorsed Democrat for the Toledo Board of Education.

There website is:

Board of Elections - Problems With Election Ballots!

The Toledo Blade is reporting:

The Lucas County Board of Elections has 1,092 ballots that could be added to last week's Toledo primary election count, putting the final results for Toledo City Council in doubt.

The additional ballots include 166 absentee ballots accidentally left uncounted last Tuesday, Director Linda Howe said Monday.

She said two employees, a Republican and a Democrat, have received reprimands in their files and have come up with procedures to avoid a recurrence of the neglected ballots.

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