More restaurant mandating in Wash.

We get the government that 50% plus 1 of the number of voters who bother to vote inpose on the rest of us.

Since they cannot accomplish anything serious...."hey, let's look like we're doing something worthwhile-someone may be watching".

County Bans Trans Fats - New rules: Menus must say what's in your meal

Officials engage in tug of war for FedEx

"Sprawl an issue in battle for business
Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, left, cites a potential conflict of interest because Robert Mack, FedEx

FedEx leaving Toledo?

"WTVG--July 20, 2007 - Despite what it sees as poaching, Toledo isn't giving up on FedEx. Yesterday an angry mayor lashed out at Wood County. Carty claims Wood County is trying to steal the FedEx ground facility located on Reynolds Road.

How the

Interesting article I found by Steven Malanga.

Reason #9,867 why Carty is an idiot

I can't find the link on 13abc's website, but they just had coverage of a news conference that the Mayor held today. He is mad that Wood County is stealing companies from Toledo. This is so petty and childish and didn't deserve airtime. Does he realize that Wood County didn't hold a gun to O-I's head and force them to move to Perrysburg?

Mayor upbeat on Erie Street Market

"Mayor upbeat on Erie Street Market

Far from trying to sell off the Erie Street Market as excess city property, the Finkbeiner administration is renewing efforts to fill it with vendors, including a restaurant.

In June, the Erie Street Market was put on a list of large city real estate assets to be sold to help avert a looming $10 million deficit in 2008.

Toledo to offer rebates for jobs

Article published Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Toledo to offer rebates for jobs
Economic plan would reward investment

Medical Care Scenarios

Once a gilded bachelor pad

Toledo's Carlton is to be renovated
Owners plan apartments, grocery, more

"Once a gilded bachelor pad for Toledo's wealthy, single men, the old Carlton Apartment Hotel building in downtown is now slated for extensive renovation into a market-rate apartment complex with a street-level grocery store and a bakery/cafe."

Vote opposes eased coke plant permit

"The audience in Oregon City Council chambers erupted into applause after council unanimously voted on a resolution opposing any modification request made by the proposed FDS Coke Plant to increase emissions from a permit approved in 2004."

Toledo-Based HCR Manor Care Sold for $6.3 Billion

TOLEDO -- A Toledo-based HCR Manor Care, operator of nursing homes, will be sold to an investment group that will take HCR private. The deal with The Carlyle Group is worth about $6.3 billion dollars.

Read article

Is Toledo on the verge of losing another major employer?

The K-Mart Rant

I went to K-Mart on Reynolds last night to get some weed spray. Since Frank's went belly up, the big K is where I buy just about all of my lawn/garden stuff. I found what I wanted, went up to the checkout line...and waited. And waited. And....

Summer is often a stressful time for small businesses and their owners

At Joyce M. Rosenberg writes "Although the summer is supposed to be a slower time for many companies, small business owners often find themselves busy and stressed.

Toledo Sports Arena-razing firm under fire from city

The demolition contractor hired by Lucas County yesterday to tear down the Toledo Sports Arena is in hot water with the city of Toledo over his alleged effort to mislead the city about minority subcontracting.

The Trans-Texas Corridor

I saw something about what is described (the Trans-Texas Corridor) in the link below on Buckeye Channel 11 on the evening news. I find it rather disturbing. This is the link:

Finally, an editorial that doesn't play follow-the-leader

Here's an editorial from the Daily Telegram in Michigan that calls a spade a spade. Sorry to those of you who can't stomach another smoking thread, but this is too important to let slip by.

Should Pull-A-Part be allowed a Special Use Permit to allow construction of an Auto Salvage Yard on Spencer Street?

Auto parts yard proposed

Auto parts yard proposed on Trail concerns Toledo neighbors, city

As a resident of the South End this proposal of a Junk Yard off Spencer Street concerns me greatly. No matter how you look at it Pull-A-Part is still a junk yard.

Developer seeking to buy Toledo landmark

A developer who has gained the reputation as a savior and someone willing to take risks and invest in aging downtown Toledo buildings has set his sights on one of the city's earliest skyscrapers.

David Ball confirmed yesterday that he has entered into negotiations to buy the Fifth Third Center building at Madison Avenue and Huron Street and is close to finalizing the sale.

Drawings reveal arena design; public input sought on $85M project for downtown Toledo

Preliminary designs for Toledo’s new downtown sports arena boast an oval-shaped building with an entirely glass entryway facing the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Huron Street.

Lining the building along those same streets, the plan proposes a plaza with grass, hedges, and trees, which will provide a walking area for downtown visitors and arena patrons.

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