toledoans are in deep denial about Jeep

There's a popular riddle that goes like this: A young boy and his father are in a car accident. The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital and taken immediately into surgery, but the surgeon steps out of the operating room and says, "I can't operate on this boy--he's my son!" Who's the surgeon?

It's likely that in today's society more people would come up with the answer compared to 30 or more years ago. Of course, the surgeon is the boy's mother.

Just as this riddle requires thinking outside of the stereotypical box, Toledoans need to get a grip on the reality of Jeep leaving Toledo. Many of the arguments for why Jeep will/should stay in Toledo are gullible--at best.

Toledo has the skilled workers needed to produce Jeeps--Why would a state-of-the-art production facility making aluminum unibody Jeeps need production line workers?

Toledo is Jeep and Jeep is Toledo--Do people honestly think this means anything to Fiat?

Driving tips

Before you strap yourself in, adjust the mirrors and start your automobile, make sure you are not carrying cash, have no energy drinks or air fresheners in the car and, most importantly, that you are white. Happy motoring!

Eddie, we hardly knew ye

The unlicensed Democrat's decision to drive his campaign into the ditch gets the attention of a larger audience. Oh untimely death!

Toledo is going down for the count

I try to stay west of Talmadge Road as much as possible. But a family member was in town and from her days in Toledo, she was familiar with the layout of the Kroger store on Monroe and Secor. So I took her over and waited in the car, Wow--talk about your sociological experience!

First, I see this interesting fellow in a pimped-out Mercedes (gold trim, fancy rims) pull up to a spot in the far reaches of the lot. Sure enough--a woman who looked like she would be more at home on a section of Monroe Street in the heart of downtown--gets out of her car. The Mercedes dude, wearing his rust-colored zoot suit (with matching shoes), gets out of his car. They embrace, she gets into his car--and off they go into the night. I felt the need to immerse myself in a vat of antibacterial soap.

Then there was the beggar at the traffic light exiting the parking lot. Her sign said she was a mother of two and "anything would be appreciated." My friend was shocked to see this. People weren't begging on street corners when she left Toledo 8 years ago (yeah, and Obama wasn't President then either).

As we left, there was a homeless man with all his worldly belongs strapped to his back walking down Monroe headed for Secor.

Work and Spend Time with Your Family


With the fluctuation of the job market it can be quite difficult to find just one job that will provide for a whole family. There are many people who have to work two or three jobs just to cover the necessities of a family, which can be frustrating and takes valuable time away from the family. While there are options for people in this situation, they are difficult to find. Luckily there are companies out there who understand these situations, and have come up with creative ways for people to earn money while still getting to spend quality time with those they love.

Mercedes sez we want union, but not UAW...

Go figure. employees are finally getting the picture. But why would UAW care anyway - those are foreign cars, arent they?

riddle! what happens 6 times this week & 24 times this year?

That would be a general motors recall, of course! Who's surprised?

GM has recalled 4.8 million cars--just in 2014!

The New York Times has reported that GM "has acknowledged that it knew about the defective ignition switches for more than a decade but did not recall the vehicles." On Friday, the 13th death related to these faulty switches was reported.

In the first three months of this year, GM has already recalled 4.8 million cars. What a pathetic situation the one-time largest corporation in the world is in.

U.S. reaches $1.2B settlement with Toyota, says company made misleading statements on safety

U.S. reaches $1.2B settlement with Toyota, says company made misleading statements on safety
Quote from article:
Toyota was accused of wire fraud by allegedly defrauded consumers in the fall of 2009 and early 2010 by "issuing misleading statements about safety issues in Toyota and Lexus vehicles," the Justice Department said.

Drugs, Gangs, and Guns are problems at Jeep Plant


Had an enlightening conversation with two Jeep workers this evening--one is a relative who was recently hired and another is a friend who has worked at Jeep for 27 years. They both told stories of the current plant environment which has been recently inundated with workers from Detroit.

Apparently, these Detroit workers have brought with them a gang element which has both collided with and supplemented the Toledo gang members who were already at Jeep.

My relative told stories about both drug use and sales--inside the plant and in the parking lot--with union officials looking the other way (why would they blow the whistle on their dues-paying members). He also has seen gun sales/trades on the plant floor, as well as in the employee break areas.

Obama weighs in on contentious union vote at Volkswagen plant

Obama weighs in on contentious union vote at Volkswagen plant
Quote from article:

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Friday waded into a high-stakes union vote at Volkswagen AG's plant in Tennessee, accusing Republican politicians who oppose unionization of being more concerned about German shareholders than U.S. workers.

Will VW's Tennessee workers say yes to the UAW? Let's hope so.

Mayor Virg Bernero Invites Volkswagen to Expand to Lansing

Mayor Invites Volkswagen to Expand to Lansing
LANSING (WILX)-- Will a new Volkswagen auto plant be the newest addition to Lansing? Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have threatened to take away VW's tax incentives if the workers vote to join the UAW.
Lansing mayor Virg Bernero says Volkswagen can just pack up and come to Lansing.

The 2014 Chevy Impala Is a Game-Changer

The 2014 Chevy Impala Is a Game-Changer

Consumer Reports calls the 2014 Chevrolet Impala the best in its class, the best sedan you can buy and says the mid-priced car is better than some luxury sedans that cost far more.

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Auto Workers Demand Answers from Romney

Marchionne is a shyster

That was fairly unmistakeable when (I think it was) 60 Minutes recently did a kissy smoochy, pretty-him-up, piece on this Italian jerk. The evidence is pretty clear that:

1) BO gave him a bunch of U.S. taxpayer money to this Italian jerk, in order to make it look like BO cared about the U.S. auto industry.

2) Marchionne then called the money you and & supplied to him "shyster loans".

3) Chrysler has since been used as a cash cow for failing Fiat.


As early as tomorrow, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne may announce that the manufacturing of all Chrysler models, including Jeeps, will be moved to Italy--then exported for sale to the U.S.

This differs from the recent talk of Fiat producing Jeeps in China for sale in that country. This would be moving production of Chryslers from the U.S. to Italy for distribution around the world.

So much for Obama touting saving the auto industry. His willingness to sell Chrysler to an Italian company appears to be resulting in the termination of tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.--including a significant number in Toledo. How do you suppose the UAW feels about this? As we speak, the union bosses who live high on the hog are probably coming up with some spin to feed their members to keep them at bay at least until after the election. Are the members naive enough to buy this?

Whining Salary Delphi Workers

Taxpayer Dollars Uesd to fund Disney-like planned community--complete with Chevy volts (well, they did sucker a few people into buying one)!

Remember going to Disney World's "Tomorowland"? You know--the place that predicted that robots would do our house cleaning and cars would fly?

Well, you'll be happy to know that there's a 700-acre planned community that is being developed in Texas that will feature "smart homes" and electric vehicles. How much prouder can taxpayers be that General Motors, a company that the government gave billions of our dollars to bailout, became an official participant in this "green community" by offering 100 Chevy Volts for purchase or lease. Only 55 residents took Chevy up on the offer! It seems that even "green-minded" people aren't interested in buying Volts.


Just saw the political advertisement where Sherrod Brown extols the importance of the auto industry. As a life-long Toledoan, it has taken me awhile, but I now can see through the "we all need to buy UAW-made cars" malarkey. (Notice how I refuse to use the term "American-made"--that terminology went away with the advent of Ohio-made Hondas and Italian-owned Chrysler.)

Although I haven't purchased a UAW car in about 22 years, I used to feel a little guilty about it. You know the whole "support unions" mantra. Now that I'm aware of the politicalization of unions, I will NEVER buy a UAW auto.

Anyway, back to the Brown ad. According to, Brown's claim that the parts of the Chevy Cruze LTZ that he drives in the ad are all made in Ohio isn't altogether true (shocking!).

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