James Holmes and Government Roads....

Holmes involvement with Occupy Wall Street as a “black bloc” protester.
The linking of Holmes to black bloc protests apparently occurred on a page of the Occupy Wall Street website. But guess what? the page itself has been removed from the website.
And where did he get all the money to by these guns ammunition, vest, clips, bombs, ect with no job???? Officals have a $10,000 + price tag on all this stuff..

Governments build roads /bridges;>


A simple question with what is probably an easy answer.

Are the President and his campaign team not nearly as bright as they are made out to be or are they so arrogant and out of touch that they think no one will call them on it?

Is Defacing Private Property With Swasticas Considered A Hate Crime?

As I understand it-if one defaces someones private property with hate symbols, it is considered a Hate Crime, under federal as well as state law. Does anyone on the forum have experience prosecuting or investigating Hate Crimes? I mean, if somebody painted swasticas on someones car, or garage, home, etc., the police or Feds would at least check into the matter. Does one get a pass for this, if politically connected?

$ Billions needed to rebuild Haiti long term from scratch - whose responsibility is this ?

Full El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

You can pick up and read the story in El Tiempo.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

Former TPS Administrator Ordered Probes of Private Citizens Investigations Occurred at Taxpayer Expense

The former business manager at Toledo Public Schools hired a private investigation firm at taxpayer expense to look into the backgrounds of five people who were private citizens at the time, including three people who would eventually be elected to the TPS board of education.

El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

Pick up this week's El Tiempo for the story.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

Bell's leadership announcements

Bell Announces Executive Staff For New Administration
Following through on an early campaign promise, Mike Bell today announced his appointment for the Deputy Mayor for External Affairs – a position throughout the campaign referred to as the “Business Advocate.”

Sherrod Brown's response on healthcare

I am a bit late on posting this but this is Sherrod Brown's response to my request for him to vote no on the healthcare reform proposal.
Dear Mr. Myers:

Thank you for sharing your views on health reform.

Lawmaker Addresses Issue 3 Shortcomings

Columbus—State Representative Clyde Evans (R-Rio Grande) today announced his intention to introduce a constitutional amendment to address the shortcomings of Issue 3, which passed a public vote on Tuesday.

In a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse, Evans stressed that the constitutional amendment would not change the casino services that Ohioans voted into effect, but instead would provide accountability and fairness in the new casino law.

Black Swamp Conservancy to Host Regional Conservation Meeting; ODNR Director Logan to Attend

Perrysburg, OH (October 30, 2009) Black Swamp Conservancy will host its annual northwest Ohio land conservation meeting on November 19th.

Each year, Black Swamp Conservancy brings together a number of public and private conservation organizations and agencies to discuss the state of land conservation in northwest Ohio.

The Bosses Have the Public Sector in Their Sights.

Monday, October 19, 2009
The Bosses Have the Public Sector in Their Sights.

What happened in Detroit doesn’t stay in Detroit. The market don’t discriminate

Lawmakers Introduce Private Sector Comp Time Legislation

Columbus– State Representatives Nan Baker (R-Westlake) and Jarrod B. Martin (R-Beavercreek) today introduced House Bill 320, a measure that would allow private companies to offer compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay.

“This proposal would provide more flexibility, allowing an employer to offer paid time off work if a prior agreement is arranged voluntarily between the employer and employee,” Baker said. “The intent of this legislation is to enable employers to provide a more family friendly work environment by providing options to their employees.”

Bizjournals and's report on Toledo jobs: "dismal"

As referenced in the previous post, Toledo did not fare well in the recent Bizjournal/'s job analysis. From 2008-2009 Toledo dropped from 97th to 99th place. What city was 100? Detroit.

The sobering facts which you won't see on Toledo letterhead:
Private Sector Job Growth 04-09: -6.7%
Private Sector Job Growth 08-09: -8.5%
Raw growth in private sector jobs (04-09): -31,900
Raw growth in private sector jobs (08-09): -23,400
Unemployment rate: 14.2%

Congratulations leaders of Toledo, who happen to be almost all Democratic, this ranking is for you. You know it is bad when the Dems say they need change and then campaign on it-what an indictment of their own leadership style. But watch, they say they want change, then continue to do the same idiotic stuff. This will eventually catch up with them and for Toledo's sake, let's hope soon. So think about this the next rain garden that is created, the next flower planted, and what ever else these "leaders" say to distract you from there own accountability and lousy performance.

Should Sue Fredericks be fired?

NO - she is just doing her job
4% (3 votes)
YES - she is stealing signs off private property and ticketing legally parkrd cars
96% (82 votes)
Total votes: 85

Understanding Health Care in Other Countries

Interesting article about health care in other countries, looking to dispel (or reinforce) beliefs Americans have about them. I really like the part about the American system being a horrible hybrid of medical coverage, and our high administrative costs. We are private, quasi-socialized, and exclusionary all in the same system. And in amusing deference to Sarah Palin, we already have death panels in place in our system, whose jobs exist to deny health care to people in order to keep their jobs and make their boards money.

5 Myths About Health Care Around the World

By T.R. Reid

Tom Waniewski's September '09 Newsletter

Automated Refuse Schedule to be Released
The city is on schedule to migrate to automated trash pick up by the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. However, I should know more about what areas of town will be implemented first. The schedule is being worked on and reviewed by the administration. Look for news to come out quite possibly in this month, I'm told.

DeVeaux Village Update

The country I want back

The country I want back
SOME of the people who have been appearing at town hall meetings lately say they want to take back their country. Me too.

However, I am left wondering what country they want to take back.

More support for a healthcare 'public option'

"Among the 1,000 Democrats, Republicans and independents surveyed on Aug. 12 and 13, 79 percent say they believe a federal government health insurance option should be available for people to buy." (more)

[edit] "...for those who can't afford or can't get private insurance."

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill in Congress

A few highlights from the first 500 pages of the 1000 page Healthcare Bill being fast-tracked by Congress.

Take note of number 50 and number 65!!

Candidate information leaked

Fresh off his registration as a Toledo City Council candidate, Kevin Milliken received frightening news.

Making the rounds of Toledo’s media July 14 are some of Milliken’s most private details. An anonymous party e-mailed four Toledo television stations, two Toledo blogs, and two news publications Milliken’s divorce records, complete with Social Security numbers and personal expenses.

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