Konop, Fedor and other politician involvement in the South Toledo Y closing makes matters worse. How do you feel?

Not surprised, look at Toledo and the destruction these "leaders" and others have caused.
65% (48 votes)
The soon to be empty building with no buyer had it coming
11% (8 votes)
They are my hero
24% (18 votes)
Total votes: 74

Is it Morning in America, or has hope given way to malaise? (CNN story)

By Kristi Keck, CNN
Presidents Obama, Carter both elected at a time when voters wanted change
Analyst: Carter comparison shows how expectations have changed since Obama's win
Obama, Reagan faced similar problems but approached them differently, Reagan aide says
Obama should worry about who he is, not who he might be, analyst David Gergen says
(CNN) -- Nearly a year after the presidential election, the excitement of Barack Obama's campaign has faded into the reality of an Obama White House.

Special treatment for the RCC?

Pope seeks privileged status for the RCC in Europe

Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.

Latest Michael Bell News

This week I released a revised copy of my platform, which outlines the specific steps I will take as mayor to make Toledo a high-functioning city again.

But good, practical ideas are only the start. We also need experience and an emphasis on teamwork at the top - and outstanding new faces throughout the government to change the way the city operates.


Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell says, "My opponent is the ultimate insider politician. He has surrounded himself with the same faces that have been in charge for years and led us to where we are today."



Say It Ain't So...Another Phoney 'Family Values' Politician Revealed

Too funny:
Well, there goes the 'perfect score' with the conservative family values folks. The reporter chasing him around adds to the yucks.

McWade the Crime Dog!!!!

Wade, our County Treasurer, has now joined the forces against reducing the size of Toledo City Council. His editorial raises some interesting questions:

Konop and Block: A path to decline

[From the Development News Editorial - 9-2009]
The upcoming Toledo mayoral election will determine if John Robinson Block, The Blade publisher and editor-in-chief, retains his dominant impact on direction and control of affairs in the city. Block needs an individual in the mayor’s office who will obey his direction. Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop is a politician and mayoral candidate that offers the newspaper and Block a chance to increase their power and control.

Larry Sykes and minority contracting

Open Letter to the Black Community and anyone else interested in fair play, fair dealing and the truth,

I had the opportunity of attending the Toledo Board of Education's interviews for filling the vacancy left by the abdication of Steve Steel, the inveterate politician.

The interviews were held with Bob Vasquez presiding over the proceedings. Present were Ms. Darlene Fisher, Mr. Bob Vasquez, Ms. Lisa Sobecki and Mr. Jack Ford.

The Power of the Press: The Case of the Toledo Blade (1959)

I came across an old journal article that SB readers might find interesting. I hyperlinked the PDF document that I saved, and you can click to read the whole article.

Here is an excerpt:

Toledo would-be politician makes cable clip show

Yep, our own Ben Konop's Boo Ben Boo clip has made it to the latest episode of "Web Soup" a clip show spinoff of Comedy Central's popular "The Soup" hosted by Joel McCale. Where The Soup is a clip show highlighting goofy things that make it to the TV, Web Soup is all about clips that go viral on the 'net. Which, IMHO, is the perfect venue for Toledo politics.

You can view Web Soup locally on channel 222. Check your local guide.


German pope speaks with forked tongue

The Babylonian envoy, like a typical politician, talks out of both sides of his mouth! If the pagan pope were truly against antisemitism and the horrors of Hitler’s War against the Jews, he would not aid and abet the accursed state of “Palestine” that amounts to a declaration of war against the Jewish Homeland

Congress the best one money can buy for Big Pharma

Yep, no one ever says a word about Big Pharma, but-'tis all too real. So is the fact almost every politician in the country (soon to be world?)is in their God-damned pocket.


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