Case Dismissed Against Policeman For Shooting Black Woman In Back Of Head.

The charges against a Chicago policeman were dismissed for shooting a Black Woman in the back of the head. According to the news report, an off-duty policeman ordered a group of people at a park to stop being loud and one of the group pulled a gun. The policeman fired several times into the crowd striking an unarmed female in the back of the head. This sounds very suspicious. No gun was found and no one in the crowd was charged with pulling a gun. I guess making too much noise in a park gets the death penalty.

Police Murder

I noticed no one has posted about this. What do you think about the policeman that was murdered? What is a 15 year old doing with a gun and out at 2 am? I have kids out in my neighborhood at 1 am many nights and I wonder why they are out wandering around so late.

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