Ohio Jobless Rate Soars Under Democrat Leadership

Increased unemployment and business exodus plagues state

Columbus—With Ohio’s unemployment at 10.9 percent, Governor Strickland and House Democrats have had more than a year to demonstrate how little their majority has accomplished. Since Governor Strickland took office in 2007, more than 330,000 jobs were lost and 25 major employers abandoned Ohio for better business environments. Among these businesses are DHL of Wilmington, which took 8,000 jobs out of state, and NCR of Dayton, which accounted for 1,200 job losses.

American Red Cross releases $200,000 in aid to help communities affected by earthquake in Haiti

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 — The American Red Cross has pledged an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by today’s earthquake in Haiti, and is prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.

On Tuesday, January 12, less than one hour before sunset, a 7.3 earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port au Prince, causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.

· Initial estimates are that up to 3 million people may be affected.

Central Connecticut State University ranks Toledo 47th in literacy

A decent independent ranking for the area.
This study attempts to capture one critical index of our nation’s social health—the literacy of its major cities (population of 250,000 and above). This study focuses on six key indicators of literacy: newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment, and Internet resources.

Organized Money vs Organized People

December 11, 2009
BILL MOYERS: Welcome to the Journal. There's only one way to counter the power of organized money, and that's with the power of organized people. This is the theme of our broadcast this week.

Toledo makes best bang for your buck list

Toledo Metro Area bests all other major Ohio cities according to Forbes-32 overall.
The complete stats can be found at:

Lawmaker declares intent to tackle Issue 3 on May ballot

Rep. Blessing invites colleagues for open discussion to solve casino shortfalls

Columbus– Issue 3 passed and Ohio is facing the possible development of casinos in its four largest communities including: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo. State Rep. Louis W. Blessing Jr. (R-Cincinnati) announced intentions to support legislation that will be placed on the May ballot, when enacted it will require the construction of these casinos and defines the timelines of each.

Are You Sssssssssssure Conservatism's Dead?

Not only did Conservatives rout all major, as well as minor out of state elections, conservatism won in Toledo. Even liberal powerbroker Marcy couldn't get super-liberal Wilkowski a win, over a much more conservative Mike Bell. This is of course an after effect of a President whose Hope and Change message, has become a Whine and Moan message. And with that, there goes what little support HE has in Congress! All I can say is---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Editor Ron Royhab of 'The Blade' Retiring

According to "Editor and Publisher," there are a good number of changes at the Blade announced in the last couple of days. Couple of major openings and forced furloughs are the changes mentioned in the story. This is the second leadership shift for Block Communications' print division, the end of July Diana Block stepped down as President of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck, Invites Him To Be A Keynote Speaker
On his Fox News show this past Wednesday, right-wing extremist Glenn Beck claimed, “The uber-left is in business with big business.” But next Tuesday, Beck is keynoting a U.S. Chamber of Commerce forum in Michigan sponsored by several major corporations, including AT&T, Comcast, and Dow Corning.

Last Toledo mayoral candidate debate held

So who tuned in?

For me, this last one really separated the men from the boy and the wacko.

Interestingly to me, the three solid candidates that came out were a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent. Sadly, one also-ran admitted he has no future plans in place should he not be elected, and that's too bad, because I dont think it'll happen.

The forum, to be aired on WGTE-TV, Channel 30, was the last major forum before Tuesday's primary contest in which the two top finishers will move on to the Nov. 3 election. Just two, which is a shame, because a run between Wilkie, Moody and Collins would be an interesting race to watch.

Then of course for comedy relief was the boy and the idiot. Im sure the other candidates appreciated Ben and Opal being on the dias, as while they spouted their pap, it gave the viable contestants an extra moment to prepare their thoughts.

All in all, it was a good watch.

Racist extremist Jones is history!


'Green Jobs Czar' Van Jones resigns

WND's 5-month series of exposés
 lead to White House's first casualty

College Students Demand To be Heard at Campus Mayoral Debate

The University of Toledo College Democrats and College Republicans will be hosting a Toledo Mayoral debate September 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Student Union Ingman Room. The Toledo community is welcome to this event and the debate will focus on issues that are important to University students.

Last Thursday's mayoral debate report

If you missed the mayoral debate last Thursday, John Jones of th Greater Toledo Urban League has a great summary of what was said.
Earlier tonight the five major candidates for Mayor of the City of Toledo took to the stage at the Main Branch of Toledo-Lucas County Public Library in Downtown Toledo. The event that was the first public event in which the community attended in person to view Candidates Mike Bell, D. Michael Collins, Ben Konop, Jim Moody, and Keith Wilkowski.

SSOE Moves Up Two Spots in ENR's 'Top Ten Food Processing Firms' Survey

Major Food Clients Contribute to SSOE's Ranking
TOLEDO, Ohio -- Engineering News Record, one of the industry's primary news publications, ranked SSOE ( number four among the top ten food processing firms in the United States. The new ranking reflects an increase of two spots over the 2008 numbers. "We attribute this increase to our client focused philosophy," said Vince DiPofi, who leads SSOE's food group. SSOE has completed more than 500 food-related projects throughout the last five years.

Right Wing Propogandist Interviews Democrat On WSPD- World Ends

Mike Bell joins me on Wednesday morning as part of the continuing series of interviews with the four major mayoral candidates. Both Brian and I have had, and will continue to have on air with us Bell, Collins, Wilkowski, and Moody as we near the primary and general election.

Help Make A Change in Toledo - Before June 30!!!!

*Dear Supporter,*

* *

*We really need your help this week.*

The first major fundraising deadline of our campaign will arrive at midnight
on June 30th – this upcoming Tuesday. The total amount of money we have
raised to engage our opponents in this race will be made public shortly
thereafter. The media, our critics, our opponents - they will all be looking
at these numbers to gauge our viability, momentum and the enthusiasm of our

* *

*There are a lot of people out there who want to be able to say that Ben is

Education Series #2: Ins and Out of Media Relations

WHO: The Children of Liberty

WHAT: Education Series #2 "Ins and Outs of Media Relations"

WHEN: Monday, June 29th 6:30-8:30pm

3030 West Central Ave.
Toledo OH 43606

WHY: To become educated regarding the major media/news outlets: newspaper, television and radio.


WASHINGTON - Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), in conjunction
with The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus today urged U.S. Department of
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to withdraw the notice of
proposed revocation of treatment relating to the admissibility of
certain knives with spring assisted opening mechanisms by the Office of
Customs and Border Patrol.

The proposed regulation could have severe implications on all knives,
not just assisted-opening knives, and would designate these knives as

open letter to our nation's leadership:

I got this in an email yesterday. It was very similar to the last post that American Heartland entered on the NPR thread, so I thought it might make an interesting post.

WSPD Exclusive From This Morning

Brian and Maggie will pick up this story later this afternoon on WSPD, and WSPD news will have the full story but here's the part I aired this morning.

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