Toledo Manor Boys Face Judge For The First Time, In Connection Of Killing A Toddler

What Do You Call A Judge-------------

----who got hammered in last nights' primary? I call it a "start". The Court of Appeals is no place for a judge with a temper like his. Or, for that matter, one with an absenteeism problem like his. Each day off costs Toledo taxpayers $400. Now, "times" that by 60. Watch and see, this humiliating loss will be blamed on Judge Berling, and probably already has been. Take spurious accusations, F-bombs, cart pushing, more F-bombs, veiled and overt threats, steeped in an overall bad attitude, and it's readily apparent what a clear majority of Toledo voters are sick and tired of.

Disabled U.S. Marine Veteran Newest Victim of California State Bar Court Judge Patrice McElroy as Century City Law Firm Comes to

Just as Californians manage to put behind them the embarrassing mistreatment of quadriplegic Sarah Granda by the State Bar of California, Gayle Murphy, Judy Johnson and Dean Barbieri – which necessitated direct intervention of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, now comes a new scandal to stir up the firestorm again.

William G. Wells, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, was admitted to the practice of law in California in 1959. He practiced for approximately 35 years without discipline. Unfortunately, Wells's career has recently come to a screeching halt.

State Bar Court Judge Patrice McElroy's Misconduct Reaches California Supreme Court

Judge Patrice McElroy of the California State Bar Court is the subject of highly-charged legal briefs recently submitted to the California Supreme Court by veteran attorney Stanley Arouty on behalf of his client, Mr. Ronald Gottschalk.

McElroy's misconduct involves the intentional destruction of official court records as she did not want her inappropriate comments and threats to violate Gottschalk's civil and due process rights -- which were directed at Mr. Arouty -- to become part of the official record.

Judge Keila Cosme – Lady Justice or Judicial Activist?

In light of recent court decisions in Arizona and California, by what some would call “rogue” judges; it would behoove us to examine if we have potential judicial activists currently on or running for the bench in NW Ohio. Before I begin though, I would like to state that I am by no means a legal expert, so I won’t be making any attempts at examining case law. That being said neither are most of the people who will be voting in November, so it would seem more prudent to examine the information that the campaigns are asking voters to use when deciding on their candidate.

Sharia in New Jersey: Muslim husband rapes wife, judge sees no sexual assault

"And now a New Jersey judge sees no evidence that a Muslim committed sexual assault of his wife -- not because he didn't do it, but because he was acting on his Islamic beliefs: "This court does not feel that, under the circumstances, that this defendant had a criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault or to sexually contact the plaintiff when he did.

Judge blocks Obama's offshore drilling ban

We still have some people left with some common sense, of course the Obama administration is furious, how dare they go against my Cap and Trade..

Judge rules against Jon Stainbrook...again

This just in from Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press: Like all of the other courts Jon has tried to argue his case in, they are all saying the same thing. Why is it that Jon does not want to bring his case to the Ohio Republican Party? Is he afraid of the result? Thankfully we can move on with this now that Judge Doneghy has ruled. When the story is posted, I will go ahead and link to it. The judge has ordered the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee to take the case and to move forward as prescribed by law.

Judge sends Lucas GOP ruling to the Ohio Republican Party

Are Jon's days numbered? Judge makes ruling we all knew. Now it is in the correct venue. Saw this on Maggie's blog, click on the link to read the full post.

Other coverage:

Judge sends LCRP chairmanship issue to the ORP
Judge Charles Doneghy issued the following ruling today in the case filed by Jon Stainbrook and/or Megan Gallagher against Jeff Simpson over who is the chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party

'I'm Not Saying Your Mother's a Whore': How Fox News Censored Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly

Fox News has generously placed the full, unedited conversation between Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart online, so we can see precisely how unfairly and deviously Fox edited the interview in order to weaken Stewart's case: A lot!

Judge imposes delay in GOP battle

Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook won some breathing room yesterday in the fight to hold onto his position after a judge approved a 10-day freeze on the proceedings.


Long-time judge and public servant, Steve Yarbrough, announces candidacy for Sixth District Court of Appeals

Sylvania resident, Steve Yarbrough, has announced his candidacy for the Sixth District Court of Appeals – serving eight counties in northwest Ohio. Yarbrough, who has served as a judge in numerous courts for nearly 20 years, has experience in each of the eight counties of the district, including cases involving juvenile, domestic relations, divorce, child custody, domestic violence and criminal law.

The Sixth District Court of Appeals hears cases from the municipal, county, and Common Pleas courts located in Lucas, Erie, Fulton, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky, Williams and Wood counties.

Judge denies Jon's restraining order, sends debate back to BOE

Looks like the debate is back at the Board of Elections. On 1/12, the Board of Election meets and we will see where it goes from there. I sense Jon's days are coming to an end.
A U.S. District Court judge Friday afternoon denied a request for a temporary restraining order sought by Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.


Jingle Balls to Play Benefit!

Friday, December 18, 2009
8:30 p.m.

Jingle Balls, a garage band comprising the stellar and nearly-stellar talents of various members of the local legal community, will be performing a benefit for Wake Up Youth, Inc.

Band members scheduled to contribute their talents include:
Jim Yavorcik, Esq., President of the Toledo Bar Association
Judge Michael Goulding, Acting Presiding and Administrative Judge, Toledo Municipal Court
Jim Anderson, law clerk to Judge C. Allen McConnell, Toledo Municipal Court

Jon takes credit for victories

In Today's Blade, Jon is taking credit for 4 victories, a judge who won with the Democratic vote split and a Sylvania Township trustee who said that the incumbents were not going to win and of course Jon also takes credit for Rob Ludeman and George Sarantou winning. He is saying that demonstrates he is good and putting an end to the corruption, but forgetting to mention that most of his candidates did not make it. If his team was so good, why did other candidates not make it? Moody? Clark? Etc?

Lucas County GOP Candidates credit party's volunteers, endorsements

Short notes from the House Floor

Welcome to Short Notes from October Session dates of the 128th General Assembly. This is a summary of what happened on the floor of the House in Columbus. This is not meant to be a formal summary of the bills, but meant to provide from my point of view what happened. I know that some readers may disagree with my point of view and I actually appreciate that. I love to learn about issues, study them and process them through my understanding.

Toledo’s children

I always look for confirmation when exposing people or situations. To expound on the topic “Toledo’s Children,” I have been battling with myself as to whether or not I should release this topic with my opinions however harsh they may be. My confirmation came from two sources, one an individual who heads one of the organizations and one I have been debating on whether or not I am being too harsh, the second came from a full page ad taken out in the Toledo Blade by the Toledo Blade titled “We the people.” That ad stated in it’s entirety, “Eight out of ten people read The Blade.

Former Toledo Mayor Advisor Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

TOLEDO, OHIO - Tuesday, October 6, 2009, Brian Schwartz, former advisor to the Toledo's Mayor Finkbeiner, has filed a lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court for wrongful termination. Mr. Schwartz's attorney, Scott Ciolek, filed the Complaint this morning asking for a damage award in excess of $150,000.

Orly Taitz: the Alexander Solzhenitsyn in this Constitutional crisis!

I will respond to Judge Land’s outrageous attack and threat of sanctions. This is very similar to what I have seen in the communist dictatorship in the Soviet Union.
- Notice. Important
September 20th, 2009

Tom Waniewski's September '09 Newsletter

Automated Refuse Schedule to be Released
The city is on schedule to migrate to automated trash pick up by the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. However, I should know more about what areas of town will be implemented first. The schedule is being worked on and reviewed by the administration. Look for news to come out quite possibly in this month, I'm told.

DeVeaux Village Update

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