You know the saying--if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... I guess Obama has decided he may as well stop pretending and go ahead and use a slogan for his campaign that has a historic association with Socialism. The Obama campaign announced today its slogan for 2012 is "Forward." Wikipedia states "The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications."

WSJ: Housing Market Shivers

Housing Market Shivers
Wall Street Journal March 30, 2011
January's 3.1% Price Drop Stirs Fears of 'Double Dip'; Only Two Big Cities Gain

City Refuse Collection Will Leap Forward for MLK Holiday No Refuse or Recycling Collection on Monday, January 18th

The City of Toledo would like to remind you that our next Leap Forward holiday will be Monday, January 18th. There will be no refuse or recycling collection on that day in observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

For residents who are Green 2, collection will be on Tuesday, January 19th. Orange 2 will be on Wednesday, January 20th; Blue 2 will be on Thursday January 21st; Red 2 will be on Friday, January 22nd and Yellow 1 will be on Monday, January 25th.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski's Newsletter jan 10

Computer Aided Dispatch

Jewish Zionists learning about Muslim Zionists from Christian Zionists

Cracking the Qur'an Code
by Lowell Gallin

Section Five

Salah Choudhury
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Cracking the Qur’an Code


I first learned about Bangladesh Muslim human rights and pro-Israel Zionist activist Salah Choudhury from David Ben-Ariel, a Christian Zionist

Short Notes from the November 18, 2009 Session of the 128th General Assembly

Welcome to Short Notes from the November 18, 2009 Session of the 128th General Assembly. This is a summary of what happened on the floor of the House in Columbus. This is not meant to be a formal summary of the bills, but meant to provide from my point of view what happened. I know that some readers may disagree with my point of view and I actually appreciate that. I love to learn about issues, study them and process them through my understanding.

Intersection protest

For those of you wanted to get out and enjoy the beatiful weather tommorow:) will we be doing our second intersection protest monday 4-6. We are going to consolidate to just one intersection monroe and secor. See you there, if you are coming please bring your own sign, we have a few, but not too many) we wnat to have a simply message government healthcare is not what we want, be creative and look forward to seeing you there.

park @ the walgreen's parking lot

Fisher endorsed by business, labor and community organizations

Fisher supports Educational Reform
Toledo, Ohio – “It really speaks volumes when you have such a diverse group of people and organizations supporting your campaign,” said Darlene Fisher. “Our children deserve leadership that puts their interest first. Keeping the lines of communication open, listening to our community regarding important issues, confronting obstacles that hamper learning and moving forward with action have been my guiding principles. I believe that is why so many from such diverse backgrounds are supporting our school board campaign,” she said.

Short notes from the House Floor

Welcome to Short Notes from October Session dates of the 128th General Assembly. This is a summary of what happened on the floor of the House in Columbus. This is not meant to be a formal summary of the bills, but meant to provide from my point of view what happened. I know that some readers may disagree with my point of view and I actually appreciate that. I love to learn about issues, study them and process them through my understanding.

The Outcome is in Your Hands - Vote November 3

In these final days of the campaign we are in a statistical dead heat with our opponent and there is a large number of undecided voters. Every person can help make a difference in the outcome of this election and the future of our city - there is still time to get involved.

YES on Issue 3

I look forward to the day when all gambling is legal in this no-fun state. Though this is a limited approval, I feel it's the best way so move forward. Next poker rooms will be allowed, then slots in taverns.

My friends and I gamble all the time. We choose to bet on Football, Baseball, Basketball, Nascar, golf and bowling. Hell, I bet $50 that the national anthem of the 2009 superbowl would be over 2 minutes and 3 seconds - and won. Oh how she warbled! It would be nice to be able to get firm lines on these events - we need a local sport book.

$900 Million Tax Hike on Ohioans

Governor Strickland & House Democrats stick taxpayers with the bill

COLUMBUS— House Republicans today offered a number of alternatives to legislation put forward by Democrats that will retroactively increase the tax burden on Ohio’s families by 4.2 percent in 2009. Currently, state income tax rates are to be reduced by a total of 21 percent over a five-year period, according to House Bill 66 of the 126th General Assembly. Governor Strickland and House Democrats have supported increasing the state income tax to fill the void created by their budget shortfall.

Sylvania Township - Fire Department Update


This installment of my Township Update will focus on the Fire Department, which has been extremely busy the last 18 months fulfilling the promises of the 2008 1.25 Mill Fire Levy. But first, a brief announcement about the Police Department:

Tax Holiday Extended in Police Department

As we begin the 2010 budget process, the Sylvania Township Trustees unanimously voted to extend the tax holiday that I first introduced in 2007. In total, this tax holiday will save Sylvania Township taxpayers $1,050,000 in 2010 and approximately $2,700,000 over three years.

Will The Real Mayoral Candidates Please Step Forward?

All but one of the candidates for Mayor have shown who they are. Good or bad they have done so. One has not. With his vague rhetoric of little or no substance he has tried to convince us that all me need to do is to sit down and talk to each other and afterwards sing kumbaya. I don't know about you other voters, I don't need a mayor whose going to do nothing but have town hall meetings at the Northwest corner of Douglas and Sylvania and then afterwards have an "America's Got Talent" contest.

Parade Vehicles Needed for Homecoming on Saturday, Oct. 10th

The date has been set for Saturday, October 10, 2009 and we need your help!

Your University of Toledo Alumni Association is looking for parade vehicles, namely convertibles and jeep wranglers to help carry dignitaries and alumni award winners in our Oct. 10 Homecoming Parade.

We need to locate as many "convertible-type" vehicles for the parade as possible. If you know of anyone who may be interested in helping out, please feel free to forward this email to friends who may have an interest in participating.

Please find additional details below.

Ward Will Take Part In Their “Political Party” Series

Toledo, OH – On Wednesday, September 2nd from 7 PM – 9 PM, the Ottawa Tavern located at 1815 Adams St. continues their “Political Party” series. This event is designed to help Toledo voters become informed and meet the candidates in this upcoming municipal election, and on September 2nd voters will have the opportunity to meet Stephen Ward, an Independent Candidate for Toledo City Council At-Large.

Hannah’s Socks to provide socks to less fortunate in Findlay

Open Arms, Findlay Hope House to receive aid from local nonprofit

TOLEDO, Ohio – August 5, 2009 Hannah’s Socks, a Perrysburg-based nonprofit focused on providing clothing necessities to the less fortunate, is now warming the feet and hearts of Findlay, Ohio.

Hannah’s Socks has recently begun providing socks to two shelters in Findlay, The Findlay Hope House and Open Arms. Both shelters will be receiving sock donations on a quarterly basis.

Landmark Agriculture and Open Space Conservation Bills Introduced

Representative Latta Supports Making This Incentive Permanent

Perrysburg, OH (July 15, 2009) Private landowners—and especially family
farmers—will be the beneficiaries of legislation, co-sponsored by
Representative Robert E. Latta (R-OH), to make permanent the federal tax
incentive for donations of conservation easements. The incentive, which is
slated to expire at the end of 2009, has helped Black Swamp Conservancy work
with willing landowners in our community to conserve over 3,500 acres of
agricultural land and natural areas since it was first enacted in 2006.

Highway Robbery: Illinois Toll Traps?

Having just gone through the state of Illinois from Ohio en route to gladly see the Badlands, Custer State Park and Wind Cave in

Teamwork Toledo Member to Seek City Council Appointment

Teamwork Toledo member Kevin Milliken will seek the unexpired term being vacated by Toledo City Council President Mark Sobczak, who tendered his resignation earlier today.
“There has never been a more appropriate time for an independent voice to assist Toledo City Council in its efforts to reduce the current deficit, balance the budget, and restore our public safety forces to full capacity,” Milliken said.

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