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July 13, 2012
Letter to the Editor
Details of storm not disseminated
Alan Thompson
Heysler Road

June 5, 2010 tornado coverage

What's Wrong With Nazi Reenacting

Joshua Green - Joshua Green is a senior editor of The Atlantic and a weekly political columnist for the Boston Globe.

Government’s successes exceed its failures

Letter-to-the-Editor Monroe Evening News (Feb 13)
Government’s successes exceed its failures
A new Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 45 percent of people are very angry at the government. One long-standing complaint is that government can’t do things right.

Latest Blade changes

It is a disappointment that Editor and Publisher is shutting its doors. They were always a good source of information on the Blade. While they are closing up shop, here is the latest on the changes at the Blade. I have not watched the local coverage of the changes, but there are a few more positions discussed in this report than just Kushma.


Konop and Grossman Plead for PAID Sick Days

From the Toledo Blade Letters to the Editor: November 22, 2009

Headline: Let sick workers stay home

As a nation and a region, we are battling uniquely difficult circumstances created by a harsh economic recession and a national health emergency — the spread of the H1N1 flu.

Call it a request or a suggestion, but to avoid having one problem compound the other here in Lucas County, we’d like all workers to be able to stay home when they’re sick with the flu.

Joe the Plumber talks to Editor and Publisher

Joe the Plumber has a one-to-one with Editor and Publisher. He gives his thoughts on the media, Sarah Palin, and of course Obama.

LOGAN, UTAH Forever a part of American electoral history, Joe Wurzelbacher--better known as "Joe the Plumber"--is hitting back at the media for its coverage of him over the past year, telling Editor & Publisher the reporting has been "poorly done."

Editor Ron Royhab of 'The Blade' Retiring

According to "Editor and Publisher," there are a good number of changes at the Blade announced in the last couple of days. Couple of major openings and forced furloughs are the changes mentioned in the story. This is the second leadership shift for Block Communications' print division, the end of July Diana Block stepped down as President of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Martinez Family Gets Home

Contractor and subcontractors give back to community,

Help family facing debilitating illnesses


Ridge Stone Builders and Developers along with nearly 30 of its subcontractors are building a special house for a special family in a very short period of time. The builders and subcontractors are donating their services.


Paul and Nicole Martinez of Sylvania will soon have to face life in wheelchairs.

Bring civility back to talk on radio

Bring civility back to talk on radio
Toledo Blade Letters to the Editor
Mayoral candidate Ben Konop can be commended for saying he chooses to take the high ground and not respond to the abuse being dished out by WSPD Radio. The issue that really should be looked at has less to do with Mr. Konop than the cynical and condescending commentary masquerading as news that is so frequently heard on WSPD.

Toledo Blade has 78.8% combined market reach

Editor and Publisher is reporting the results of Media Audit's latest unduplicated market reach survey and reports the Toledo Blade ranks in the top 10 with 78.8%. This includes all forms of publication including print and online.


I beg to differ, Mr Finkbeiner.

In his letter to the editor, the current occupant of the 22nd floor of 1 Gub'ment Center among other things lists what he considers his "accomplishments"


And I would proudly remind each of you that my three mayoral terms included:

• The new Jeep plants

• Owens Corning world headquarters

• Dana Commercial Credit Corp., now home to ProMedica

• Significant additions to Toledo Hospital and St. Vincent Medical Center

• wThe Docks and a revitalized International Park

• wFifth Third Field

Tell the Toledo Free Press to keep their promises

The Toledo Free Press apparently has a plagiarism problem. The Toledo Blade highlights once such instance uncovered by a University of Toledo professor, Mary Linehan. Ms Linehan discovered some unattributed work in the Free Press and informed TFP's publisher and president Tom Pounds in a letter. The letter went unanswered by Mr Pounds, but instead found it's way into the hands of the author of the plagiarized work--Gregg Schwartz. What happened next, is beyong the pale.

Updates are done for now

If you see a problem or have any comments, please let me know. Some of the most visible changes are the updated html editor. I like how this one functions over the horsey other one. If you want to embed movies, just press the source button and embed it. When you are done, you can turn it off. You can also disable the rich text editor at the bottom of the page. A good number of the updates were made in the background.

Toledo 'Blade' Editor's Help To Mayor Questioned

I happened to come across this article at Editor and Publisher tonight. Ok it is 20 days old, but still, it is interesting to say the least.

NEW YORK Did Dave Murray of The Blade in Toledo, Ohio, cross an ethical line when he agreed to review a presentation the mayor was preparing for an international competition?

New simple HTML Editor

If you have not already noticed, there is now a simple html editor for posts and comments. You can turn it on by clicking on the "enable rich-text" link at the bottom of the text field. You can also turn it off by clicking on the "disable rich-text" link at the bottom of the text field. You can turn it on by default by enabling it under your profile.

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