Wilkowski joins energy law firm

Toledo, Ohio. Keith Wilkowski, a leading local government lawyer and most recently Toledo mayoral candidate, has joined the law firm of Marshall & Melhorn, LLC, as a Member. Mr. Wilkowski will chair the firm’s newly established Advanced Energy and Green Initiatives Practice Group. The announcement was made by Thomas P. Killam, a Managing Member and Chair of the firm’s Business Department.

Stainbrook to clean up corruption

LMAO - I can't believe he is saying this.

Jon start with your own party and let Repulicans see your books. You are hiding the books, against party by-laws. You are truly a hypocrite when you go on your crusade about public records.

Clean up corruption? Does that mean you are applying whiteout to the forged signatures?

Why now? All of a sudden there is corruption and you have been the chair for 1.5 years? I don't know what is worse you saying it or others, including the media, allowing you to say it.

Carty takes credit for the new Casino

I am going to miss him. There is never a dull moment. Just when you think you seen it all he surpasses himself. He needs a good rocking chair and some grandchildren on his lap to tell all the wonderful things he has done to Toledo.

Is it Morning in America, or has hope given way to malaise? (CNN story)

By Kristi Keck, CNN
Presidents Obama, Carter both elected at a time when voters wanted change
Analyst: Carter comparison shows how expectations have changed since Obama's win
Obama, Reagan faced similar problems but approached them differently, Reagan aide says
Obama should worry about who he is, not who he might be, analyst David Gergen says
(CNN) -- Nearly a year after the presidential election, the excitement of Barack Obama's campaign has faded into the reality of an Obama White House.

Family fun night at South Toledo Y

Family Fun Night at South Toledo Y

Bring your friends and join us for some family fun on
Friday, October 23 • 6-9pm

Dress for the weather, bring a blanket and a lawn chair and meet us at the bonfire!
Activities include face painting, pumpkin carving, a spooky bus and hayrides!
And of course, s'mores and hot cider!

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact the South Y, 419.385.9622.

This event is free and open to the community!

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Blue Dogs + PhRMA + White House = bad health care plan

This is why they're called "Blue Cross" Democrats:

"When Max Baucus circulated his draft plan earlier this week, the PDF documentation page (image) indicates that the "author" was ex-Wellpoint VP Liz Fowler. Fowler was hired in February as Senior Counsel to the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and famously boasted that "the reason that I have a lot of friends is ’cause I got to give away money.” (cont.)

Official announcement of Toledo Science Center's new, permanent name and logo design unveiling

When: Monday, June 29 at 10:30 a.m.

Who: Robert C. Savage, vice chair of the Toledo Science Center and chair of
the Create a Great Name Committee;

Lori Hauser, the center's Executive Director;

Dave Waterman, chairman of Toledo Science Center's board.

Where: Toledo Science Center building at One Discovery Way, downtown Toledo

After months of work and thousands of suggestions from the public, the
Toledo Science Center, formerly COSI Toledo, has a permanent name.

"The name really does a great job of describing exactly what our science


WASHINGTON - Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), a member of the
House Committee on Agriculture, along with all 17 Republican members of
the Agriculture Committee sent Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter today
asking for more time to consider the Waxman-Markey climate change and
energy legislation (H.R. 2454). Rep. Pelosi told committee chairmen
that they had until June 19 to consider H.R. 2454. This timeline has
allowed the Agriculture Committee to hold only one public hearing on the
bill with no time for a markup. To date, only the Energy and Commerce

Sec. of State: Kriner will stay on BOE

Toledo Free Press is reporting that Brunner has said Kriner will stay on the Board of Elections. Looks like Jon will sue. Is anyone surprised? Does the threat of being labeled someone who sues all the time extend to his job as chair? Let's hope so. :)
Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has informed Hans Schnapp, Secretary of the Lucas County Republican Party, that Patrick Kriner’s appointment to the Lucas County Board of Elections will be upheld. Her June 3 letter may be read here.

Reason 914 why Jon Stainbrook is the worst party chair ever

One wonders how Jon is getting by, which is why he is desperate to get a paying job. This must be why he is taking this completely screw ball argument that the appointment of Kriner to the election boards was not legal. Hey Jon, it is the way it is done all along. If you had a problem, why are you making an issue of it now? Oh that is right, he needs to make a living.

Democratic Pub Hosts Tribute to Paula Ross

Democratic Pub Hosts Tribute to Paula Ross, Former Lucas County
Democratic Party Chair and Community Leader

Toledo, Ohio. Mickey Finn, owner of the Democratic Pub, announces an
event for members of the community to pay tribute to Paula Ross,
Executive Director and Chairman of the Lucas County Democratic Party
from 1995 - 2004.

Ross is currently a research associate for the University of Toledo
Urban Affairs Center, where she works to enhance the economic vitality
and the quality of life of the Toledo region. Her projects include

01/27/07 Board Retreat Citizen Report

I am not HistoryMike, so don't expect perfect English.

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