Meet US Senate Candidate Tom Ganley

This guy has an interesting story-
Sat., Jan. 9, 5 p.m. - Meet US Senate Candidate Tom Ganley
2951 E. State St., Fremont

Public Invited to meet Tom Ganley and hear him tell why he wants to be Ohio's US Senator at regular meeting of the American Patriots Against Government Excess (APAGE). Details at or 419-332-3259.

Milliken to advocate for more police

Independent Toledo City Council candidate Kevin Milliken will hold a press conference at 3:30 pm TODAY, Nov. 1, 2009 outside One Government Center.

Kevin will discuss a different way he'll encourage Toledo city government to budget taxpayer dollars to ensure there are TWO police classes in 2010 to replace retiring officers and maintain an adequate safety force, as well as a new fire class to help solve the expensive fire dept. overtime situation.

Kevin Milliken's Trick Or Vote 2009

Independent Toledo City Council candidate Kevin Milliken will be campaigning during trick or treat hours tonight, 6-8 pm in Point Place, during what's being called Trick or Vote 2009.

Kevin will be passing out candy to parents/voters and talking to them about how the city government ghouls and goblins, disguised as professional politicians are tricking them as taxpayers with big spending and budget deficits. Right after the full moon near election day, they'll turn back into the vampires who suck the lifeblood from our community with higher taxes and foolish spending.

Booing of Ben worth the price of admission

According to the Independent Collegian writer, this was one of the highlights of the game. This was first reported here.

From the crowd’s excitement when the players entered through a tunnel spouting streams of blue and yellow fire, to the throwing of fish on to the ice after a Toledo goal, and even from the reigning of “boos” on to Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop before the game, the environment is in itself worth the price of admission.

Read the rest at:

John Kasich and Mike Huckabee Web Event

On Tuesday, October 13 at 12:15pm EST, please join Ohio Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and a live studio audience of young Ohioans for an interactive webcast. In an effort to reverse the brain drain that is crippling Ohio’s competitiveness, Tuesday’s conversation will center on the imperatives of creating jobs and revitalizing Ohio’s anemic economy.

Write-in Candidate William Terry's Rally for Youth and Family Programs

What: Write in candidate William Terry's Rally for Youth and Family Programs
Date: October 11
Time: 2-5PM
Where: Wildwood Metropark, first shelter on the left
Why: I will be discussing my views on how Toledo is now, what I would like to see changed in Toledo, and introducing several youth, family, and senior programs to strengthen our families and communities. There will be an opening speech, a meet and greet with food provided, and a closing speech.


Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell says, "My opponent is the ultimate insider politician. He has surrounded himself with the same faces that have been in charge for years and led us to where we are today."



The Toledo Free Press Endorses Mayoral Candidate Mike Bell.

There is a world of difference between leading through intimidation and leading through inspiration. Mike Bell is the best of a great field of candidates because he understands that difference.

Bell literally put his life on the line for Toledo, and he has parlayed the respect and experience he earned into a career that took him to Columbus as the state’s fire marshal. He is a proven leader with experience at the top of city government, and no one else has that the inside view.


The Toledo Journal Endorses Stephen Ward

Toledo, OH – With less than a week until the Primary Election, Independent City Council Candidate Stephen Ward receives an endorsement from the Toledo Journal. The Journal states, “As a minority candidate he would add to council's diversity, and his youth would bring some much needed new ideals in governing Toledo.”

Ward To Webb: Poor Not Pawns In Your Political Game

Toledo, OH – On (tomorrow) Monday, September 7 at 2:00 PM at the Kitchen For The Poor located at 650 Vance Street, Independent City Council Candidate Stephen Ward will expose the political game going on within City Council, and encourage voters not to be hoodwinked or bamboozled during this election.

Ward Challenges Council Candidates to Go Green - Updated

Statement and financial report added.
Toledo, OH – The Primary Election is less than two weeks away, and most registered voters have an idea who they will choose at the polls. Today, Saturday, September 5 at 10:00 AM in front of One Government Center, Independent City Council Candidate Stephen Ward will challenge the other candidates running for Toledo City Council to “GO GREEN.”

Bring civility back to talk on radio

Bring civility back to talk on radio
Toledo Blade Letters to the Editor
Mayoral candidate Ben Konop can be commended for saying he chooses to take the high ground and not respond to the abuse being dished out by WSPD Radio. The issue that really should be looked at has less to do with Mr. Konop than the cynical and condescending commentary masquerading as news that is so frequently heard on WSPD.


Toledo, OH – Education is the foundation to our youth and unemployed adults in Toledo becoming productive and prosperous citizens. City Council Candidate Stephen Ward will outline his 'Urban Hope' plan on Thursday, August 27 at 12:30 PM at Owens Community College, Fire Science/Law Enforcement Center, Building 19, Room 131.


Wayne Seely, Owens Community College Criminal Justice Instructor

Toledo, OH – Stephen Ward has received an endorsement from Criminal Justice Instructor Wayne Seely. Professor Seely asserts, “Stephen is a man of honor and integrity.”

Karate-chopping judge candidate?

Thought someone would (or wouldn't) appreciate this video clip of local judge candidate Mark Davis breaking bricks in super slow-mo on YouTube. The clip is titled "Attorney Breaking Bricks Slow Motion" and you can go to:

For starters, I really just want to ask "WHY?" But the comments are actually pretty hilarious!

One last thing...did he steal the Van Halen "wings" font for his campaign posters?? Long live VH!!

Ben Konop Receiving Threats - IS WSPD Involved?

Armed deputy guards are providing security for Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop. According to an article in the Toledo Blade as well as being reported by WTOL News, WSPD radio host Brian Wilson broadcasted Konop's personal cell phone number over the air.

In addition, a man approached Konop inside Government Center, and he had a knife in his waist band.

You can read more and view the interview with Brian Wilson here:

Moody To Offer Solutions For Added Public Safety - Updated

When: Sunday August 16th

Time: 11 am
Where: Northwest Police Substation
2330 Sylvania Ave.

On Sunday, August 16th, mayoral candidate Jim Moody will offer specifics on how Toledo can bolster its safety forces and how to pay for them.

Said Moody, "I have always stated that public safety must be Toledo City Government's highest priority. Even with the tough economic times we are facing, I know we can add safety officers. We must protect our children, as well as our parents."


Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

Konop asks Youtube video be taken off Web

A video posted on showing Toledo mayoral candidate Ben Konop "fighting" a heckler who falls and rolls on an American flag was removed from the site less than a day after it was posted. The video posted Wednesday at 4:08 p.m, was titled "Ben Konop Kicks the Nachos Out of Hecklers."

Ward Requests That The City of Toledo Be Audited - updated

Toledo, OH – We are in the third quarter of 2009 and the city of Toledo is still facing a budget deficit of approximately $8.9 million dollars. The citizens of Toledo are frustrated, as we continue to watch the Mayor and City Council argue back and forth undermining each other instead of making the tough decisions necessary to solve the budget deficit. On Thursday, August 13th at 10 AM in front of One Government Center, City Council candidate Stephen Ward will request that the city of Toledo be audited by an independent auditing firm outside of the city of Toledo.

Konop's Wikipedia page protected from the truth

Lucas County Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Ben Konop, who by running for mayor is warning us he is a liar, has his Wikipedia page protected from any truth. With his embarrassing video all over the internet, CNN, Comedy Central, and MSNBC, one would hope that a quick visit to Konop's Wiki page would provide some insight. The man has demonstrated a lack of character by breaking pledges. ( )

However, the Controversies page has been removed more than once by user "BKonop." The man is a LC Commissioner, running for Mayor, and is editing his Wikipedia page - talk about qualified.

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