Former Toledo Mayor Advisor Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

TOLEDO, OHIO - Tuesday, October 6, 2009, Brian Schwartz, former advisor to the Toledo's Mayor Finkbeiner, has filed a lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court for wrongful termination. Mr. Schwartz's attorney, Scott Ciolek, filed the Complaint this morning asking for a damage award in excess of $150,000.


Toledo, OH – The Primary Election results are in, and we now know who is advancing to the General Election.

Toledo teen convicted in murder case now a city worker

Just saw this article on 13 ABC's website:

"He drove the getaway car in the shooting that killed Matthew Dugan
A teen convicted of being the getaway driver in a murder one year ago is now working for the city of Toledo.
A judge sentenced Dymon Bolton to four years in prison last December, but he was paroled in May. His attorney says he's working for the city this summer.
Toledo's hiring practices are unclear when it comes to hiring convicted felons. It's on a case-by-case basis and there's no set policy.

Opal Covey For Mayor

If Toledoans are sick and tired of the same old thing when it comes to mayoral politics it is no wonder. For too many years we have had the same old good old boy candidates thrown at us. We have had Carty for twelve of the last sixteen years as mayor. Now we are finally going to be rid of him but who will replace him? Konop? Wilkowski? Bell? Collins? Moody? All of the names mentioned so far are represenatives of the powers that be in Toledo. Konop's old man is a prominent attorney. Wilkowski is another Democratic machine fixture.


Tom Schlachter, chairman of the group that organized and conducted the recall of mayor Carty Finkbeiner reacted to the mayor's recent challenge of the legitimacy of the effort as well as individual signatures and petitions.

Ninth Grade Proficiency should be passed before any student should be allowed to graduate.

I attended the TPS policy board meeting May 25, 2007. On the agenda was the Graduation Excercises Policy File IKFB. Adopted 10/25/1994 and Revised 11/27/2001.

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