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Wilkowski fires back at Bell by saying, "There is a Good Old Boys Club in Toledo that has had too much power for too long. It’s called the Mike Bell for Mayor campaign and it is
run by Tom Noe Republicans like Bob Reichert and disgraced Finkbeiner Democrats like John Irish. That’s not what I call independence."

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Used and Abused by Bernadette Noe in her never ending quest for attention

Hey there, I was surprised to see yet another blog entry on the now infamous ex politico wife of Tom Noe, "St. Bernadette", haha, as recently as last July. Just curious how many of you out there have had the experience of having worked for or befriending this woman? How many lasted until the end of their usefulness to this mistress of narcissistic users and been outed by B. Noe. I mean those of you other than her ex?

The Blades Onslaught on the Noe's Personal Problems

Get prepared for the daily onslaught of articles on Bernadette and Tom Noe personal problems in the Blade. I don;t know why the Blade feels reporting on their divorce is that news worthy with all the economic problems Toledo and Northwestern Ohio is facing. Sometimes I think the Blade should rename itself the Blade Sun. It would be a more fitting.

Larry Kaczala knew not to take Tom Noe's money, but why did WSPD's Maggie Thurber decide to?

A week before former President George W. Bush was to come to Columbus for a fund-raiser in October, 2003, Tom Noe invited Larry Kaczala to meet him for breakfast at the Toledo Club.

Noe, a top fund-raiser for the Bush campaign, had an agenda for his meeting with Mr. Kaczala, who then was the Lucas County auditor and the county government's only Republican officeholder:

The former GOP power broker wanted Mr. Kaczala to help him make illegal contributions to the Bush campaign.
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WSPD'S Maggie Thurber fined $9,300 for illegally funneling to Bush campaign

More than three years after a scandal that rocked the Ohio Republican Party, current and former officeholders have been hit with hefty fines from the Federal Elections Commission - all for helping Tom Noe gain prominence in Washington.

A current Toledo city councilman, a former Lucas County commissioner, and a former Toledo mayor are among seven "Noe conduits" who were fined thousands of dollars for contributing money to the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign. The contributions had been given to them by Noe.

What does it take for Strickland to fire you? A lot

As you now have already heard, Jones-Kelly was put on administrative leave and so far is not going to be fired (yet).

Here is what it takes to only get put on unpaid administrative leave:
1. Inappropriately looking up information on a citizen.
2. Lying about the reasons you are doing so to the media and the public.
3. Forcing a subordinate to write a letter to cover for you.
4. Using state resources on political campaigns.

Court rules Perz not liable for probe cost in Noe case

From the Toledo Blade: A local Republican who took money from Tom Noe to attend a presidential fund-raiser in 2003 won a challenge to the order that she pay for portions of the Ohio Ethics Commission

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