Marge Brown

Large Marge out of here !!

Marge Brown the mayor of Oregon or should I say soon to be ex-mayor goes down Big in last nights election. Mike Seferian stomps Marge Brown by 61% to 38%.

Marge, see what happens when you lie and screw people over?

You lost because of you. What you did and did not do. It had Nothing to do with your son.

Mayor of Oregon, Ohio Marge Brown is out of here.

Well it looks like the fat old Bit(H Marge Brown is Out Of Here ! Good!

Oregon will have a new Mayor.

And Marge. You did not get re-elected because of YOU. The things YOU did. And Did not do. It had nothing to do with your son.

To bad. You can leave " move" from Oregon too!


Run Marge Brown Out Of Town!

Time for Marge Brown, Mayor of Oregon, Ohio to Go! Lets put New People in to have some real change for a better City and City govt.

A NO Vote for Marge Brown, Oregon Mayor

DO NOT VOTE FOR MARGE BROWN For Mayor ! She has her son and another family member on the Oregon Police Dept. O'yes. Why ? Marge needs to go. She and her whole family are just Bad News for Oregon !

Marge Brown comes in a distant 2nd. lol

Well it looks like the Mayor of Oregon Marge Brown is on her way out. Good. Her showing in yesterdays election shows that she just may be out of here. She came in a very distant 2nd. to Mike Seferian. Go Mike.

November 3rd. Vote for Mike Seferian.

Sorry Marge. Boo Whooo !!! Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Vote Today. DON'T Vote for Marge Brown ! Boo Boo boo boo Marge

Vote TODAY in Oregon Sept. 15, 2009.

DON'T Vote for Marge Brown. She has to go. Time for a Mayor that will work for and with the people of Oregon.

Marge Brown Mayor Of Oregon Does Not Own a Home In Oregon ?? !!!

I hear that Mayor Marge Brown does not even own a home anymore in Oregon.


Tomarrow. Don't Vote for Marge Brown.

Tomarrow. Don't Vote for Marge Brown. She is just bad news for Oregon. It is time for a change.

Please go Vote. But we have 2 other better persons to vote for.
Vote for Marvin Dabish or Mike Seferian.

I am voting for Marvin Dabish.

Mayor Marge Brown Claims That Somebody Stole Her Reputation & Identity By The Postings On

Oregon Mayor Marge Brown has become a victim of identity theft, but it’s not her money the thief stole. It’s her reputation.

Now, she wants it back. The mayor last week filed a police report against an unknown person alleging identity fraud, a fifth degree felony.

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