Maggie Thurber

Illegally funneling money. Noegate revisited.

I know its some what old news but can anyone tell me has the gracious Maggie Thurber ever commented on why she and her husband took all that money from Noe to give to the
Republicans illegally? I really like her but never heard anything from her on this subject.
In this site, her blog and especially over at Toledo Talk, she makes comments on nearly

Thoughtful post on Ted Kennedy

From Maggie Thurber's blog:

Sen. Edward Kennedy passed away Monday.

I offer my sympathies to his family and friends over his loss. Having lost an uncle to brain cancer, I know first-hand what a dreadful disease it is. So I'm grateful he is no longer suffering its effects - and that he had a full and good life.

I was not a fan of Sen. Kennedy. It will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I rarely agreed with any of his positions and was quite opposed to many of his proposals.

"Extreme" misinformation

Local blogger Maggie Thurber recently wrote an article in the Toledo Free Press, and completely mischaracterized the findings of a Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremists.

Stainbrook misses another deadline-has suspicious income and expenditure amounts

What was funny is now just becoming sad. Maggie Thurber is reporting that the Lucas GOP is late again on an important deadilnes and they are admitting they have not filed a complete report. Are they violating the law by not filing?


Last week in this publication, Maggie Thurber took the time to recognize the work I've done to try to make Lucas County more economically competitive and give our hard-working residents some opportunities for gainful employment (“Konopnomics,” June 22).

Maggie Thurber on WSPD

Is anyone even listening to WSPD anymore?

Draft Toledo Empty House Ordinance

I can't find this mentioned anywhere, but if you heard Maggie Thurber, or Fred glance over on WSPD this morning, they talked about the proposed empty house ordinance. Here is what I know/remember:

1. If the house/property is empty for a certain amount of time, owners need to board up the windows.
2. Owners must register and pay a fee to register the empty house.

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