Lisa Renee

Is purnhrt banned from Glass City Junge?

13% (6 votes)
10% (5 votes)
Don't Know
10% (5 votes)
Ask Lisa Renee
15% (7 votes)
Yes, and she's a racist too
52% (25 votes)
Total votes: 48

Another bad decision by former UT dean Yueh-Ting Lee

As you can see with the previous post Yueh-Ting Lee has threatened to sue Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle for linking to stories about his resignation at the University of Toledo as his role as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. As we also read, he moved to the HR department but it makes one wonder if he should be in an admin position at all.

Why it is wrong to say someone lied through hearsay

Lisa Renee, in the comments on her post about the PIO postings, made an interesting leap that I was saying two stories to her and the media based on very shaky reasonings. She went and posted on her blog some of the tidbits of information on the conversation I had with her but the interesting thing was the timing. Only an hour after I taped the interview on 13abc, Lisa made the pronouncement that I changed my story, which was really strange since she was not there and she said it before the broadcast.

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