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Time to leave the losers behind

Jon Stainbrook is a sleazeball. Like Carty Finkbeiner, he's never had a real job in his life, but has oozed his way into political positions that have provided him with something that he had never previously had--a regular paycheck.

So when honest people like John McAvoy attend this week's Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee elections with the hope of seeing a group of representatives whose votes hadn't been procured by Stainbrook with the promise a free beer--the disappointment must have been excruciating.

Stainbrook's opponents gave it their best shot, but when you're working against a guy with the ethical standards of a snake oil salesman--the odds are against you. I think it's time that we lay a wreath on the LCRP and don't spend another minute or dime trying to change it.

Republican Mandate For Change: Jon Stainbrook’s final days

The people of Lucas County have spoken and they want change! Earlier this month I ran a successful campaign for District 11’s State Central Committee for the Ohio Republican Party. My opponent was Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook. I defeated Mr. Stainbrook, an incumbent, by 20% with a vote of 60% to 40%. I believe this vote reflects the attitude of Lucas County Republicans who want change in party leadership.

Jon Stainbrook is a cancer on any organization he is a part of

One thing that is a highlight of Jon Stainbrook, is that he is known to destroy anything he touches. For example, the Lucas County Republican Party has never been in worse shape, the Board of Elections is a laughing stock and full of problems.

PR: Possible debate, but Stainbrook ignores the notion. Delaney however on board.

What is Jon Stainbrook scared of? Why will he not debate Bill Delaney?

Stainbrook explains why only a few Republicans won locally in the biggest Republican sweep in a long time

But at least he made a ton of phone calls. He did not answer why the success did not trickle down locally, but it is probably because he has no answer to this.
Newsmakers 2010: Win some, lose some: Jon Stainbrook

Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook overcame controversy in 2010 and said he has since worked to move the local party forward But for roughly six months, the leadership of the Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) was in question.

Stainbrook makes others pay the price?

According to Fox Toledo a Union pulled George Sarantou's support given an argument with Jon Stainbrook. While the details are fuzzy, it is said that Jon is involved.

Blade Says Jump, Stainbrook Says How High

Following the collapse of Ben Konop's valiant try to get a new system of government on the ballot for Lucas County, the local paper called out Jon Stainbrook. The Blade made it clear Stainbrook was to pick up the move and get the petitions signed. Guess what? Big suprise today the paper announces that Stainbrook will do just that. Jon claims it will allow for more Republicans to be elected. He doesn't explain how. Nor does he explain how changing the structure without changing the people in government will do us any good. Please Jon, come knocking on my door.

Former Republican Central Committee Treasurer, Stainbrook supporter, now tortures dogs allegedly (yeah)

Well Eric Skowron not really tortures, but allegedly (yeah right) kidnaps and tries to kill dog.

In-case you did not catch this:
Eric Skowron was the treasurer at the 2008 Central Committee meeting which Jon Stainbrook originally took power.

More on Skowron being affiliated with Jon (about 2008 meeting):

Read more on the shooting:

Facebook also:

Jon goes back to the courts

Who would have thought that Jon would go back to the courts. How many times will the court accept this? Jon has filed in almost 3 jurisdictions now and they all said the same thing.
Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook has lodged an appeal to recognize him as the legitimate chairman and to force Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to appoint him to a vacancy on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Stainbrook is trying again

It is always interesting that Jon wants to enforce the law in court, but when it comes to his own issues like with the fire marshal, petition deadlines, and campaign finance, he is never in a rush to follow the law. But this is Jon we are talking about. Jon is arguing that the Central Committee meeting was delayed because of another court order in 2008 and that is why he is the only recognized chair. But what the judge said was both factions did not meet in the scheduled time in 2008 so even if he wins it, it will still be in Columbus. Jon for some reason wants to avoid the unavoidable.

Doneghy to hear Stainbrook injunction petition

Jon keeps wondering why people won't listen to him, it is because it is the Ohio Republican Party that has the ultimate authority. If you read what everyone has said, they all are saying the same thing.
The tangle of party politics and election law created by the attempt to unseat Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook could start to be unwound tomorrow in Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

Election board not required to verify rival list

Secretary of State refuses to back Stainbrook claims on sending the list to Columbus.

The Ohio Secretary of State's Office ruled yesterday that the Lucas County Board of Elections was not required to verify the list of officers and committee members turned in by a faction of the Lucas County Republican Party seeking to oust Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

The written opinion doesn't directly address the argument Mr. Stainbrook has been using to defeat the challenge to his leadership: that the opposing group filed a "fraudulent" list of committee members.

Jon Stainbrook now picks on Children of Liberty

Jon has a unique talent of making enemies and also more proof that the more conservative you are the more Jon hates you.

Library officials say contested Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook recently filed a complaint alleging a local conservative group was violating library meeting policies. Stainbrook told Toledo Free Press that is “untrue.”

Two stories I am not shocked to hear

1. Jon Stainbrook is violating a court agreement and refusing to sell Lincoln Day tickets to some Republicans he does not like (as heard on WSPD).
2. TPS has a 30 million dollar deficit. TPS has no fiscal controls, basically when the pot is dry they come back with a levy. They could care less about money, note 650k+ was stolen under everyone's nose, no one batted an eye. Get used to it until there are some real board members on the TPS board. It is nothing but a playpen for everyone currently on there.

Stainbrook seeks TRO against BOE, state committee - updated with complaint

Jon is now seeking a temporary restraining order against the BOE and Ohio Republican Party. Free Press has the latest and I will update this thread with the latest (there will be more). If you missed it, the Board of Elections certified the lists of both parties and sent them to the State today.

Judge denies Jon's restraining order, sends debate back to BOE

Looks like the debate is back at the Board of Elections. On 1/12, the Board of Election meets and we will see where it goes from there. I sense Jon's days are coming to an end.
A U.S. District Court judge Friday afternoon denied a request for a temporary restraining order sought by Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

Latest on the Lucas County Republican Party

Wow what a day. One thing after another. Jon tries to take his battle to court, court does not fall for it. Jon Stainbrook really makes the legal system earn its money and the latest is today. Given road conditions, I did not make it until the meeting adjourned, but everyone said the meeting went well. Fox Toledo was the only news station to hang around until the end.

So onto the drama:

Republican Party fight in a court-supervised truce

GOP legal battle flares in court filings

Blade's Nazi reference outrageous and selectivity on steroids

As I posted yesterday, Tim Higgins was right, the reference to Nazi's in defending Jon Stainbrook is an insult to those who suffered under them and one of the weakest arguments one can use. It has to be weak when it comes to Jon. He has accomplished none and only maintains his power through fear and threats. His lack of accomplishment last election even drove other former supporters away.

Jon Stainbrook


Jon Stainbrook items

Lucas County GOP failed to report 2008 in-kind donation

Jon Stainbrook and the party Treasurer James Damas failed to report a donation-in-kind in 08. Read more at the Toledo Free Press.

Prosecutors have been informed that an in-kind donation given to the Lucas County Republican Party was not reported in accordance with state campaign finance laws.

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