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Wilkowski fires back at Bell by saying, "There is a Good Old Boys Club in Toledo that has had too much power for too long. It’s called the Mike Bell for Mayor campaign and it is
run by Tom Noe Republicans like Bob Reichert and disgraced Finkbeiner Democrats like John Irish. That’s not what I call independence."

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John Irish talks with 13abc

John Irish talks with 13abc about reducing the size of city council

WTVG--August 6, 2007 - Later this week, a committee will take up an issue proposed by the mayor to reduce the size of Toledo city council. John Irish, the man who chairs the Charter Review Committee, says this is a controversial issue that deserves the committee's attention.

Funny Campaign Photo

This makes me chuckle every time I drive by...

John Irish's handpicked candidate:

Irish Hits Festival Circuit

"Irish Hits Festival Circuit, Talks to News 11 About His Resignation

NORTH TOLEDO -- On Thursday, John Irish quit as Lucas County Democratic Chairman over the scandal now known as "Strippergate." On Friday, he hit the fesival circuit, side-by-side with the mayor, and his friend, Carty Finkbeiner. Irish told us his resignation had to happen, even though it's not what he ever wanted."

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