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McNamara & taxes

Whenever I see a photo of Joe McNamara in the Blade I know it's because he's trying to raise my taxes in some form or another. Can anyone list a single instance where this guy has ever come out against taxes, fees, or surcharges?

Politicians Take A Page From Teamwork Toledo's Strategy

It seems as if some politicians have taken a page from the strategy of Teamwork Toledo.

Endorsed Democrats Joe McNamara, Adam Martinez, Terry Biel, and Aji Green have banded together to spread their message of change and new ideas. They call themselves "Hungry4Change."

They will be campaigning together throughout the city.

McNamara, Martinez, and Biel are endorsed Democrats for Toledo City Council At-Large; Green is an endorsed Democrat for the Toledo Board of Education.

There website is:

Right Wing Propogandist Talks With Joe McNamara-Neither Explodes

Joe McNamara joined me on the show today to push for the passage of Issue 1, a proposal the mayor originally supported.


Toledo City Council elected not to increase the fee Toledoans pay for refuse collection by a vote of 6-5. Councilmen Joe McNamara, Wilma Brown, Phil Copeland, George Sarantou, and Steven Steel voted to increase the fee. Councilmen Tom Waniewski, Michael Collins, Lindsay Webb, Michael Ashford, Michael Craig, and Betty Shultz voted against the increase. Councilman Frank Solloszi was absent.

McNamara proposes a Recycling bank...and a higher trash tax

Council president Joe McNamara proopsed increasing the trash fee and partnering with Recycle Bank.

The proposal would reward us in points for every pound recycled. These points would be awarded in the form of gift certificates or vouchers that we can exchange for product.

According to 13-ABC News, the regional sales manager of Recycle Bank. said "The average recycler will earn $240 a year in savings. Our maximum recyclers are earning about $540 a year in savings."

Candidates Forum slideshow at Kent Branch Library July 19, 2009

Those who attended: Darlene Fisher, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez, Steven Steel, Phil Copeland, Aji Green, Joe McNamara, Ian English, Adam Martinez, Kevin Milliken, Terry Shankland, and Stephen Ward.

Toledo City Council Votes to Fund Green Job Training

Toledo City Council
Votes to Fund Green Job Training

Toledo-Lucas County Green Jobs Partnership
To Help Grow New Economy

May 27, 2009, For Immediate Release

Toledo, OH – Last night, Toledo City Council passed an ordinance allocating $50,000 to the Toledo–Lucas County Green Jobs Partnership training program. Toledo City Councilman Joe McNamara and Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak formed the Green Jobs Partnership to create a comprehensive green-jobs training program that prepares our workforce for entry-level jobs in the emerging green-collar economy.

How Joe McNamara demonstrates what is wrong with the area

Want to know what is wrong with the area? Look at what Joe McNamara said about the ability to recall a mayor:
Councilman Joe McNamara, often an outspoken critic of the mayor, declined to comment on the merits of the recall effort and said he has no first-hand knowledge of who's behind it. He said they'll need an organization or paid professional canvassers to succeed.

Troy Neff Show: Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Joe McNamara on the show today

A loaded show today on the the best morning radio show in Toledo. The Troy Neff Show, where the newsmakers come to talk.

Morning Podcasts

Carty Finkbeiner

Joe McNamara

Finkbeiner discusses the plastic bag tax.

Wading into to the waters filled with alligators

Gay couples would be allowed to register their "domestic partnership" with the clerk of Toledo City Council under an ordinance to be introduced tomorrow.

Councilman Joe McNamara, a Democrat, said the ordinance does not create same-sex marriage and won't cost the city a penny, but would bring economic development benefits to Toledo.

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