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Ok, I am worried for James Damas’ health - Update

Ok, in going over the finance reports, I noticed something strange. The signature for James Damas (Lucas County Republican Party treasurer) has changed 4 times over the past year and *sort of* settling on a soft sharpie signature for Jan 2009.

July 2008

October 2008

December 2008

January 2008 1

Fallout From Stainbrook Interview On 1370 WSPD With Fred LeFebvre

I received this via e-mail from someone I trust. There are an awful lot of questions that will never be anwered to my satisfaction from both Stainbrook and the former heads of the LCRP.

For the record....and for some it is long

Lisa Renee has compiled a list of publicly accessible records based on the previous and past leadership of the Republican Party. Why is this important?

Has the Blade gone too far in their reporting on Stainbrook? My 10 observations

Right now there are two things that are making people shake their heads wondering what is going on. 1. Why is Carty for some odd reason not wanting to help one of the best development opportunities in a long time-the Intermodal at the Toledo Express airport? And 2. The coverage the Blade is giving to Jon Stainbrook.

So much so that many people are starting to ask uncomfortable questions. I don't think I have noticed so many people talking about the coverage over an issue like they are.

Wack Resigns...

Regretfully, I have accepted the resignation of Joanne Wack, Executive Director of the Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP), effective immediately.

Troy Neff Show: Wack said all debts are paid

While other hosts were grandstanding at city council, Troy and his producer booked a show full of newsmakers.

Troy Neff Show Exclusive: Joanne Wack

The Director of the Lucas County Republican Party joins Troy to talk about her recent controversy and has some interesting things to say about Mr. Stainbrook, "my issue happened a long time ago, it was 20 years ago, that's almost as old as his girlfriend."

Joanne Wack

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