Francine Lawrence

Toledo’s children

I always look for confirmation when exposing people or situations. To expound on the topic “Toledo’s Children,” I have been battling with myself as to whether or not I should release this topic with my opinions however harsh they may be. My confirmation came from two sources, one an individual who heads one of the organizations and one I have been debating on whether or not I am being too harsh, the second came from a full page ad taken out in the Toledo Blade by the Toledo Blade titled “We the people.” That ad stated in it’s entirety, “Eight out of ten people read The Blade.


We have done an extensive study of The Toledo Plan and feel that it should be abolished as it is supposed to rid the school system of “bad” veteran teachers through evaluation, instead it is being used to rid the school system of first year teachers through peer mentoring. Its target, primarily, is the non traditional first year teacher.

What is going on with the negotiations with Harner?

Let me tell you a little tale that I hope does not come true.

New TPS boss may hit salary ceiling

From the story in the local daily:

David McClellan, president of the Toledo Association of Administrative Personnel, told The Blade that an agreement between the school system and its unions prohibits the board from paying Mr. Harner more than former superintendent Eugene Sanders until union members get a raise.

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