City voters to decide fate of major funding source

Reliance on a tax that is based on people that live in the city, all the while, the population declines and the leadership fiddles a tune, while the population declines and the amount of revenue from it declines, but the recycling fee is not a fee but an incentive to reduce or trash, sure it is....


Mayor says Rose's call to defeat tax 'uncaring'

"Mr. Finkbeiner said the tax, which raises $57.7
million a year, is essential to providing police and fire protection
and unlimited trash collection.

First enacted in 1982 and renewed regularly since then, it was last renewed in 2004 with just over 51 percent of the vote.

Toledo city Council chief, mayor have history of enmity

Where A-team Democrats and Mr. Finkbeiner are most likely to clash is the budget. The five A-teamers refused to support the 2007 budget, based on their opposition to the new $5.50 monthly trash fee.


"Some Toledoans will undoubtedly suggest that Mr. Finkbeiner simply leave his pet at home during the work day, but if the mayor wants his faithful companion by his side and Scout

Finkbeiner miffed at Ottawa County jail staff

In Today's Blade
"In their report, deputies said after Mr. Finkbeiner was told he could't visit his stepson, he ‚"put his hands up in the air and said,"I'm the mayor of Toledo," and continued to talk as he walked away from the entrance.

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