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Full El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

You can pick up and read the story in El Tiempo.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

Former TPS Administrator Ordered Probes of Private Citizens Investigations Occurred at Taxpayer Expense

The former business manager at Toledo Public Schools hired a private investigation firm at taxpayer expense to look into the backgrounds of five people who were private citizens at the time, including three people who would eventually be elected to the TPS board of education.

Dumbuya, Fisher and Flagg to discuss investigations by TPS

Toledo, Ohio – Former Board Member Darlene Fisher along with Francis Dumbuya and Steven Flagg will hold a press conference on January 13, 2010 to discuss the invasion of their privacy through the illegal and immoral investigations conducted by the Toledo Public Schools.

The press and public are cordially invited to attend.

What: Press Conference

When: 1 PM, January 13, 2010

Where: Kent Branch Library, auditorium

3101 Collingwood Boulevard

El Tiempo interview with those being snooped on by former TPS manager Dan Burns

Pick up this week's El Tiempo for the story.
El Tiempo Article Kevin Milliken

TPS's Burns investigates former candidates, board and community members

Ah, ask and ye shall get. I wondered this morning, that Dan Burns' investigations discovered in Cleveland had to start earlier and we find out they have. According to the Blade, Burns investigated Robert Torres, Darlene Fisher, Steven Steel, Steve Flagg, and Francis Dumbuya. I was not on the list. I don't know how I feel about this. Read more in the Blade. But now we go from stealing to having the district get all J Edgar Hoover on people. That is an interesting shift of events.


You are Invited to attend Darlene Fisher's last Toledo Public School's Board meeting .

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Time: 5:30 P.M.
Place: Thurgood Marshall Building (corner of Elm and Manhattan)

If you wish to speak and tell Darlene Fisher how much you appreciate what she has done to bring Transparency, Accountability and a Quality Education for all children to the public school system, plan on calling 419-729-8200 before 12:00 P.M and ask for the treasurer's office. They will put you on the agenda to speak.

Three late thoughts on the election

3 great late thoughts about the election in the Toledo Journal this week. One thought:

Who is going to champion the issues that Darlene Fisher fought for? Please do not say Larry Sykes. He fell down the stairs and broke his good leg selling ''I’ll be a watchman for minority inclusion'' wolf tickets on the missed $641 million school rebuild opportunity program and now he just won another chance to break his other leg! Some things you simply do not need to repeat.

Fisher endorsed by business, labor and community organizations

Fisher supports Educational Reform
Toledo, Ohio – “It really speaks volumes when you have such a diverse group of people and organizations supporting your campaign,” said Darlene Fisher. “Our children deserve leadership that puts their interest first. Keeping the lines of communication open, listening to our community regarding important issues, confronting obstacles that hamper learning and moving forward with action have been my guiding principles. I believe that is why so many from such diverse backgrounds are supporting our school board campaign,” she said.

Pride versus Humility

Sometimes pride gets in the way of being able to partake fully in things we as human beings want to do. What my parents told me was, "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face." I am such a holder of grudges that it is difficult for me to forgive and forget, especially if the offender has not apologized or even acknowledged that they were being offensive.

Toledo’s children

I always look for confirmation when exposing people or situations. To expound on the topic “Toledo’s Children,” I have been battling with myself as to whether or not I should release this topic with my opinions however harsh they may be. My confirmation came from two sources, one an individual who heads one of the organizations and one I have been debating on whether or not I am being too harsh, the second came from a full page ad taken out in the Toledo Blade by the Toledo Blade titled “We the people.” That ad stated in it’s entirety, “Eight out of ten people read The Blade.

Tom Waniewski's September '09 Newsletter

Automated Refuse Schedule to be Released
The city is on schedule to migrate to automated trash pick up by the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. However, I should know more about what areas of town will be implemented first. The schedule is being worked on and reviewed by the administration. Look for news to come out quite possibly in this month, I'm told.

DeVeaux Village Update

Fisher discusses the TPS State Report Card Results

For Immediate Release

Fisher discusses the TPS State Report Card Results

Fisher Advocates for More Attention to our Schools in Academic Watch and Emergency

Yesterday TPS Announced the State Report Card Results and based upon the data TPS will remain in Continuous Improvement. Board Member Darlene Fisher, a long time advocate for families and educational progress in our public school system congratulates the students, parents,TPS teachers and staff and the community; all have contributed to the effort.

Larry Sykes and minority contracting

Open Letter to the Black Community and anyone else interested in fair play, fair dealing and the truth,

I had the opportunity of attending the Toledo Board of Education's interviews for filling the vacancy left by the abdication of Steve Steel, the inveterate politician.

The interviews were held with Bob Vasquez presiding over the proceedings. Present were Ms. Darlene Fisher, Mr. Bob Vasquez, Ms. Lisa Sobecki and Mr. Jack Ford.

Fisher for School Board fundraiser

You’re Invited
In fact, everyone is invited. Bring the whole family!
Re-Elect Darlene Fisher Fundraiser
Thursday, July 30th 5:30 to 8:00 PM

519 Monroe Street
Right next to the
Mud Hens Stadium
in Downtown Toledo

PIZZA - Authentic Chicago Style
Cold Drinks & Plenty of Fun
for the whole family!
$15.00 Per Person / $25.00 Couple
$4.00 for Students
(16 years & under – Toddlers Free)

Candidates Forum slideshow at Kent Branch Library July 19, 2009

Those who attended: Darlene Fisher, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez, Steven Steel, Phil Copeland, Aji Green, Joe McNamara, Ian English, Adam Martinez, Kevin Milliken, Terry Shankland, and Stephen Ward.

Fisher works for our community: Elected officials should be part of their community and accessible to their constituents

Toledo, Ohio – Darlene Fisher will be talking with, and listening to, constituents at local festivals this weekend.

“I believe it is critical that elected officials be accessible to their constituents”, remarked Board Member Fisher. “Parents and Toledoans have first hand experience with our schools and they have ideas that deserve consideration. These types of conversations provide important information that aids in identifying issues and solutions that can lead to real results. Engaging the community is an important role for a school board member,” she added.

Lucas County Democratic Party Out Of Touch With The Will Of The People

The Lucas County Democratic Party is out of touch with the will of the people. The recent endorsement of the three candidates for the Toledo Board of Education included the snubbing of Darlene Fisher the incumbent and previously endorsed candidate.

Please place Darlene Fisher on the OSFC TPS committee

By Warren Woodberry:

At the recent TPS meeting, Thursday Jan. 8, 2009 Steven Steel was nominated and successfully re-elected as president of TPS. No surprises there as the steps to city council become shorter if you can come into the election with a high profile position. No one begrudges a person trying to secure a higher position, but their judgment is highly

Politics 101: Don't try to rewrite history with someone who made it

There is something wrong with someone who writes to clarify the record, has the record rewritten on behalf of the “President of the Toledo Board of Education”. That sums up what Steven Steel tries to do in a response from a community member trying to clarify some misconceptions.


The actions of the Toledo Public Schools these past two weeks has been anything but exemplary. Let’s start with the Start High school graduation. The Start graduates were given instructions concerning graduation that included the following. “This is still a school event and a dignified ceremony, not a ball game. No gestures, dancing, hand signs, hooting, hollering, yelling.

Toledo Board of Education approves fact finder report 4 to 1

The Toledo Board of Education voted 4 to 1 early this morning after 1.5 hours in executive session. Darlene Fisher stated she supported teachers and the economic settlement based upon assurances from the Treasurer that money was available and that the budget would remain balanced through the 2010 school year - the length of the contract is two years.

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