Ludeman, Waniewski, and Collins on WSPD, not a new law firm

As our coverage of the 2010 budget continues on 1370 WSPD Tom Waniewski and D. Michael Collins weigh in on tax reciprocity etc. Tuesday it was Rob Ludeman http://www.wspd.com/pages/fredstop10.html podcast here who says his vote is a firm "NO". With Sarantou's no and Webb and Collins that makes four already. Adam Martinez will be on Thursday along with Dr. Steve Steel. Should be fun.

Lindsay Webb Quarterly Report

Vote in the Primary for one Mayoral Candidate and six City Council At-Large Candidates … and


Proposed Charter Amendment

Section 26 – The Council

Issue 2 reduces number of politicians & bureaucrats, and puts you first.

As the election nears, I continue to ask you to vote YES on Issue 2 to ratify this Charter Amendment regarding the size of Council.

Change or more of the same?

Excerpts from Webb’s guest column regarding Issue 2 appeared in the June 11, 2009 edition of the Toledo Free Press, and updates:

WTOL Blade Debate Tonight

Mike Bell, D. Michael Collins, Ben Konop, Jim Moody and Keith Wilkowski will answer questions about the most important issues facing Toledo.

Learn more:

Smoke on the Water 2009 - Updated

7/23 Update:
Smoke on the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross Entertainment Headlined By
Presidents of the United State of America and Chuck Wicks

Song of Toledo Winners, Mayoral Candidates Part of Event

The largest ribs event in northwest Ohio, the 2009 Columbia Gas Smoke on
the Water - Ribs for the Red Cross, proudly announces their full
entertainment schedule.

In addition to national headliners Presidents of the United States of
America and Chuck Wicks, Smoke on the Water features Toledo's Mayoral
candidates on Saturday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. Each candidate will

Right Wing Extremism Posing As A Radio Show - Wednesday

Wednesday D. Michael Collins will be on the show to talk about his run for Mayor, he joins me at 7:30a. Today we had Mike Beazley the County Administrator on to talk about the townships having to pay for Sheriff's protection starting in 2010. That interview and one with Andy Glenn of Springfield Township are podcast on http://www.wspd.com/pages/fredstop10.html also from today a short talk with State Sen. Mark Wagoner about the Ohio budget. Harmful, yes, but fun to listen to also.

Monday Moanin' On 1370 WSPD With Michael Collins

I have my copy of the budget and will share it with you Monday mornin' along with D. Michael Collins and his thoughts. It's not pretty, but for the last three years we have been telling you that without serious cutbacks in items that were not necessary we would reach this point.
Add up all the flowers, shrubs, lights, showers, bike/walk paths, ESM renovations etc. etc. and you can see where we could have been saving for some time now. Enjoy.

Troy Neff Show: LIVE on the air, Collins and Finkbeiner exchange heated words

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Councilman D. Michael Collins exchange words on
the show about recent developments at Southwyck and Developer Larry Dillin.

City again asks Dillin to help raze mall Blade

Toledo councilman wants to double storm water fee

Toledo City Councilman D. Michael Collins yesterday floated the idea of doubling the city's monthly storm water assessment to drastically cut the number of years it would take to complete $44 million in improvements the city needs for storm water control.

The current $3.16 assessment is charged on Toledo water bills and generates about $8 million annually.

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