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Finkbeiner prepares to vie for title of most 'liveable city'

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner rose to a podium in downtown Toledo yesterday afternoon and imagined himself before an audience in London.

As the video screen behind him flickered to life, he launched into an introductory speech that was written to prove to the globe why Toledo deserves the title "world's most liveable city."

Ludeman loses job of Toledo city council chief to Ashford in 7-4 vote

Mr. Ashford, 51, represents District 4, which includes parts of the central city, the old north end, the Lagrange neighborhood, the Old West End, and downtown. He is vice president for urban services for the YMCA of Greater Toledo and director of the Wayman Palmer branch.


Carty InvestigationMay 25, 2006 - There are new developments involving Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and his dealings to try and retain Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders.

Members of the Ohio Ethics Commission met today and have decided to move forward with an investigation into Mayor Finkbeiner's actions.

Carty, "forget" about this too?

from Saturday's Pages of Opinion from the Blade:

"Disabled spots are for those who need them

Slowdown rumors swirl trash pickup cycle restarts

"City refuse workers return to West Toledo, the Old South End, and the central city today facing a larger task than usual - collection of two weeks' worth of garbage - prompting concerns of an employee rebellion.

Toledo needs Recall Carty

Toledo has gone national years ago when Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wanted to move the deaf people to the airport. A company in California called CafePress has even noticed Toledo's mayor they are making money off this crazy behavior.

Ashford blasts Finkbeiner street repair program

"District 4 Councilman Michael Ashford says the only way neglected neighborhood streets will be repaved is by removing Carty Finkbeiner from office.
The councilman, renewing a complaint he made year, said Mayor Finkbeiner

WIRELESS INTERNET PROPOSAL - City council members speak up

With so much what if and maybe it could work and the general overall reports about ad driven services it is refreshing to see some city council members speaking out on an issue and not waiting till the 11th. hour.

"Opposition strengthened yesterday to Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Rough seas for the coming fiscal year and the Captain has few plans

Stagnant revenue puts city budget in choppy waters - Wage, pension givebacks hinted

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