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Raising Fears, Raising Taxes: Let's raise hell

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When Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday was criticized for witholding the run-down of Police Department layoffs, he explained, “The last thing that I think that anybody responsible should do in the city of Toledo is raise the fears of our citizens.”

So, why was fear the first thing that he, Toledo City Council, and the Toledo Blade turned to when the 3/4% income tax was up for renewal in 2008?

From a Feb 25, 2008 Toledo Blade newstory:



Tom Schlachter, chairman of the group that organized and conducted the recall of mayor Carty Finkbeiner reacted to the mayor's recent challenge of the legitimacy of the effort as well as individual signatures and petitions.

Outright lies of WSPD's Fred

I think it's time that the listening public demands that WSPD stop Fred from using the airwaves to perpetrate outright lies about Toledo's dynamic Erie Street Market. Daily on his radio show, he insists that it is a Dead Zone where public dollars have been needlessly spent but my photographic evidence shows that the opposite is true. I went to the ESM at midday on a weekday and witnessed the hustling, bustling, happy crowds of people enjoying themselves and contributing to the economic vitality of the Warehouse District.

SB meets da' Boor!

Article published March 05, 2009
Can Carty's flak explain trouble with 'bubbles'?

A few years ago, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wanted to bring Wi-Fi to Toledo, even before - by his own admission - he'd brought himself to the Internet.

At the time, Hizzoner's city hall aerie had no functioning computer, a tidbit I gleaned from the mayor's then-spokesman, Brian Schwartz - and what made me think back on all of this is the current mayoral spokesman, Jason Webber.

How can Carty's spokesperson help when he thinks Carty is digging his political grave? - updated

Jason Webber, the current spokesperson for the City of Toledo, must have a difficult job. On Jason's Myspace blog he says Carty is digging his political grave in a post titled "Workin’ for the man...":


WHO: Tom Schlachter, Brian Wilson, Ed Nagle, and the leadership of Take
Back Toledo

WHAT: Kick-off of TAKE BACK TOLEDO and the recall of Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

WHERE: Erie Street Chowder House
Erie Street Market

WHEN: Monday, January 12, 5:30 PM

Carty calls together area clergy

I received this email from . It looks suspicious to me for Carty to do this.

nstead of New Community being at Perrysburg this January, we will be meeting as a group of churches for a city wide prayer meeting for the state of the city. Lee and Ed recently attended a meeting with Carty Finkbeiner and the following is what he organized.

Carty gathered the pastor’s together from the city to organize a city wide event.

Unions win against City in mandatory furloughs, City must repay

The Union's won their case in keeping the City of Toledo from making employees take days off. City must back pay the 240 workers who were not allowed to work the day before Thanksgiving.
An arbitrator ruled Monday that Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s attempt to shut down the city’s nonessential services for three days to save money violated union contracts.

See also:

Trade a ticket for a toy

Do you think this is a good idea?
Donate a toy this holiday season in exchange to not paying your speeding ticket.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Chief Mike Navarre announced “Trade a Ticket for a Toy” program which will run from Dec. 10 to Dec. 24.

Officers may choose to waive a “lesser traffic citation,” Finkbeiner said at a news conference.

Carty goes to Washington

Carty, a Democrat, fresh off of his anti-take back Toledo speech, is now in Washington DC pleading for a bailout....err....a bridge loan. Check the article to see his photo. He and other mayors warning about the consequences of the auto industry not getting the money are the topic of the article.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Miller talks about recall Carty effort

Michael Miller Interview

Troy talks to the Editor in Chief of the Toledo Free Press about the Blade article of Tom Pounds denying involvement in the recall for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.


The president and publisher of the weekly Toledo Free Press newspaper yesterday denied backing the recall effort announced last week against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Troy Neff Show: Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Joe McNamara on the show today

A loaded show today on the the best morning radio show in Toledo. The Troy Neff Show, where the newsmakers come to talk.

Morning Podcasts

Carty Finkbeiner

Joe McNamara

Finkbeiner discusses the plastic bag tax.

Should Carty be lobbying for the auto industry?

Business leaders raising money to kick out Carty

Another recall effort? Maybe they should pool their money and back a good business candidate.
TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's been tried before by private citizens, but now News 11 has confirmed some Toledo businesses want to examine the possibility of getting Mayor Carty Finkbeiner out of office.

Finkbeiner vetoes resolution to have officials quizzed

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has vetoed a Toledo City Council resolution approved 7-5 last week that would have required any person the mayor wants to sit on policy-making boards or commissions to appear before council and answer questions during a public meeting.

City of Toledo eager to unload Erie Street market

Publicly, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner praises the city-owned Erie Street Market building in the Warehouse District as a jewel that will be incorporated into his master vision for the area stretching from East Toledo's Marina District to Swan Creek running through downtown.

Mayor plans 3-day Toledo shutdown to save money by halting nonessentials

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday announced plans to shut down all nonessential government business for three days before the end of the year to help address the city's projected $10 million general operating fund deficit.

Mr. Finkbeiner said the move would save the city $1 million over all its funds - $300,000 of which would apply to the general fund.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Collins Insists That Mayor Finkbeiner Pays For Ad In The Toledo Blade

On the show this morning Troy and Michael Collins discuss the full page ad that Mayor Carty Finkbeiner took out in The Toledo Blade. Mark Sobczak explains where the money might have come from.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow when Carty Finkbeiner is on the show.

Jerry Chabler - dont let 'em do it!!

"Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wants to reappoint Jerry Chabler - a former Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority member who was a persistent critic of the agency - to its board five years after he resigned midterm.

Troy Neff Show: Finkbeiner says you won’t change his mind on the United Way Building

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner fills in Troy about his tour of the United Way Building, and explains why he wants to save the historic building from the wrecking ball.

Morning Podcasts

Finkbeiner Interview

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