Carty Finkbeiner

Does Toledo Mayor Mike Bell pander to blacks and reward race hustlers?

...the controversial payouts to two former city employees who claimed they were fired illegally by former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner were not settled last night.

Council put off for at least two more weeks voting to approve $300,000 for Dwayne Morehead, former co-executive director of the city's youth commission, and $150,000 for Perlean Griffin, formerly director of the Office of Affirmative Action.

911, Toledo Vice Squad no show, unanswered questions from ex-Mayor Finkbeiner

The following letter was sent to our ex-Mayor. He never responded. This is an issue I hope all Toledoans would be concerned about. I called 911 about a crime and the Police never showed up!

I am hoping someone in this city will find out why the Police/Vice Squad did not show up.

Dear Carty Finkbeiner - Mayor of Toledo Ohio

I am writing in response to a 911 call I made the weekend of September 18-20th.
I called 911 to report a crime in progress here in the apartment building where I live.

Mike "The Rocketman" Bell

Well we are finally free of Carty Finkbeiner. In The Blade I read that our newly inaugurated Mayor announced that the new Welcome To Toledo signs would not bear his name. No ego-massaging signs for Mr. Bell as we had for Finkbeiner. Instead of the new mayor's name being displayed on the signs we will see an image of a rocket! How great! The Blade's cartoonist Kirk stuck Finkbeiner with the title Hizzoner. A great suggestion for all the pundits out there: let's call our new mayor Mike "The Rocketman" Bell!

1992 Presidental Debate: What they said about Free Trade and Free Markets. Toledo ground zero!

Is this true?

Oust Webb, take back Point Place

As a former Point Place resident, I watched with amusement as the "Take Back Toledo" campaign worked to get a recall petition on the ballet to oust Carty Finkbeiner as mayor of Toledo. I think it's time for the residents of Point Place to start a new recall campaign to "Take Back Point Place," and oust Lindsay Webb.

Thought of the day 9/30/09

Jason Hickey gives us all something to think about with the following Tweet:

Newark, N.J. Toledo will trade you Carty Finkbeiner & The Mudhens for Cory Booker. No deal? Fine, take the TV rights to Coffee w The Fords.

Thank you Jason for wondering what we can do to rid ourselves of these scourges :) Maybe we can ask more cities? Offer a two for one?

Konop and Block: A path to decline

[From the Development News Editorial - 9-2009]
The upcoming Toledo mayoral election will determine if John Robinson Block, The Blade publisher and editor-in-chief, retains his dominant impact on direction and control of affairs in the city. Block needs an individual in the mayor’s office who will obey his direction. Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop is a politician and mayoral candidate that offers the newspaper and Block a chance to increase their power and control.

Finkbeiner criticizes McNamara, tax plan

From the Toledo Blade:

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner continued yesterday to attack and publicly oppose a question on the September ballot that, if approved, would reduce the city's general fund deficit this year by $3.9 million.

But the outgoing mayor offered no alternative to how that money would be replaced if voters on Sept. 15 defeat Issue 1 - which would alter the way Toledo's 0.75 percent renewable income tax is allocated.

Mayor rips Toledo City Council for delays on deficit

From the Toledo Blade:

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner fired a salvo of barbs Saturday at Toledo City Council, blasting members in a letter for spending hours on parking problems and "attempting to impress the voters" by reviewing a so-called "groceries for garbage" program instead of dealing with the city's $8.9 million deficit.

What is the best nonsense topic to drown out nonsense posters?

The WSPD Mob's New Target: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Replacing the WSPD ratings hit Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has now moved into high gear. The new target, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has now been targeted by the libertarian thugs at extreme radio. Fort Apache has circled the wagons rallied the angry white males and unleashed the dogs of Northwest Ohio to any political rally of ear shot.
More shameless promotion:

Justice for Carty

The Toledo Blade
July 30, 2009
FROM the beginning, there was nothing honest about the attempt to recall Mayor Carty Finkbeiner just two months before his term would have ended. In the end, it was simple justice when the state's high court ended that misguided effort. (MORE)

It's official: Recall OFF the ballot

More to come stay tuned! Supreme Court says lacked proper signature disclaimer.
Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner announced July 27 that the Ohio Supreme Court ruled to prevent a recall effort from appearing on the ballot on Nov. 3.

According to the court document State ex rel. Finkbeiner v. Lucas Cty. Bd. of Elections, the petition did not include a legal clause stating that election falsification is a felony of the fifth-degree.

Carty called out Michael Miller, and he had to respond:

Carty must be causing Monroe County Malaise !

WSPD Extreme Radio- Investigate Carty Finkbeiner causing economic dysfunction in Monroe County.

County safe from layoffs -- for now
by Joshua Kennedy
Evening News staff writer , July 08. 2009
The Monroe County Board of Commissioners got some harsh news Tuesday, but employees across the county can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now.
The board now may have a plan that can eliminate - at least this year - layoffs.

Did we get results?

Carty campaigned with the slogan "Carty Gets Results"

Here are the promises he laid out just over 4 years ago. How many has he delivered on?

From Carty Finkbeiner's announcement speech - June 30, 2005:

Carty's Mission
The Finkbeiner administration will unite and promote, in every way possible, a clean, green, and safe city with vibrant colors everywhere � a city that inspires our citizens to improve our neighborhoods, educate our children and create jobs that offer a future in their hometown.

To accomplish our mission, we will:

Toledo Doesn't Make Top Ten - No longer An All American City

The world outside Toledo has made a definitive statement. Carty Finkbeiner and his crew of distorted propagandist could not fool the judges at the All American City Competitions like they did at the Most Livable City Competitions. Toledo did not make the top ten despite Carty's effort once again to present to the world his halloutionated view of the city he says he loves so much. Instead of focusing on real issues, here he goes again trying to pad his legacy with accomplishments that don't fit reality. It appears he considers the citizens of Toledo a joke.

It is so bad that even Carty's neighbors are taking him to court

I think we should pool our money and sue the mayor. It seems like everyone else is. Anyone interested? I think it is official the wheels have come off the car.
TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is being sued by his neighbors. They're blaming him for a delay in fixing their roads.

The Blade:
A request for a temporary restraining order filed by residents living in Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s neighborhood was withdrawn Tuesday after a meeting between attorneys before Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Charles Doneghy.

Police and Carty

I just received an e-mail about this event. Seems like the police that were laid off are taking matters in their own hands, by demanding that our Maor meeting with him.
Story item.

HAPPENING NOW--Laid off TPD officers demand meeting with Finkbeiner
(WTOL) - Several laid off Toledo Police officers are right now at Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's office demanding a meeting with him.

A News 11 crew is on the scene. Stay tuned to News 11 and for updates on this developing story.

Mayor and several constructions companies being sued for work done on Erie Street Mkt

A trade union filed a lawsuit against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and several local construction companies claiming that workers employed on the city’s Erie Street Market project were not making prevailing wages as required by law.

Looks like the taxpayers will be paying twice for the work.

Way to go Carty

Carty kills deal between city and TPPA

TPPA and Carty's administrators has apparently been reject by Hizzoner himself. Guess he really wants all or nothing. Get ready Toledo, your increase in crime starts this weekend....

"Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has rejected a tentative agreement reached between the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association and his own administrators, Chief of Staff Robert Reinbolt said Wednesday night."

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