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Tough Week at WSPD

The morning and afternoon local hosts at WSPD appeared to have gotten peeved this week over emails they received from people who took issue with their "All Libertarian/All of the Time" programming (i.e. Ron Paulites Fred LeFebvre and Brian Wilson, Charlie Earl, Free Talk Live, and frequent interviews with Lew Rockwell). Fred read an email from someone who was objecting to having "Ron Paul shoved down our throats" (or something to that effect). You could tell that Fred got pretty steamed about the email because he kept saying the emailer's first name with an agitated tone. Strangely, he chastised the writer for sending an email and said that this was radio and he should call--then why does he make a point of giving out the email address?

Brian Wilson's Virginia Right-to-Work Utopia

Ikea's U.S. factory churns out unhappy workers
A union-organizing battle hangs over the Ikea plant in Virginia. Workers complain of eliminated raises, a frenzied pace, mandatory overtime and racial discrimination.
April 10, 2011
By Nathaniel Popper, Los Angeles Times

When home furnishing giant Ikea selected this fraying blue-collar city to build its first U.S. factory, residents couldn't believe their good fortune.

More Swill From The WSPD Anti-Teacher Movement

I haven't listened to WSPD in a few weeks and figured surely by now they would be talking about something else other than their usual anti-teacher agenda. However, when I turned them on this morning its as if I didn't miss a beat...It was like I joined in right where I left off three weeks ago with these guys. The Ocean Toad Brian Wilson and his robotic minions continue to promote all things un-American. Why is WSPD so against working families? Why does WSPD and its mindless followers assume only private employees pay taxes?

Disputing WSPD Again

Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of losing my usual radio stations. I instead had to listen to WSPD where I heard Brian Wilson make a typical generalization in terms of Teacher's Unions. In particular the inability to fire them unless, according to Mr. Wilson, "They are molesting a student in the hallway while holding up a photo ID." Now maybe Mr. Wilson is speaking from personal experience. Or maybe, this is how things are done wherever he is polluting the airwaves from: Virginia, DC, Hades, anywhere but NW Ohio. I personally know that this is completely wrong.

The Hypocrisy Of WSPD

Ahhhh...another day of teacher bashing from WSPD! How ironic that Brian Wilson and WSPD are so strongly opposed to "spreading the wealth" and socialism...yet, they use the arguement that since the private sector is suffering and paying more for benefits...the teachers should share in the misery of the private sector. Don't share the wealth...just the it fits our agenda.

Brian Wilson didn't make the Top One Hundred Talk Radio Host List of 2011

Brian Wilson WSPD didn't make the Top "Heavy Hundred" Talk Radio Host List of 2011!
His former coworker Rush Limbaugh comes in number one (1) leaving Wilson somewhere down in the bottom (250). Thom Hartmann of 1310 WDTW-AM Detroit's Progressive Talk noon to 3:00 comes in at number eighth (8). Ed Schultz of 1310 WDTW-AM Detroit's Progressive Talk 3:00 to 6:00 PM comes in ninth (9) giving Wilson's (250) time slot a run for the money. Fred Lefebvre WSPD did not make the list but WJR 760 Paul W Smith 5:30 to 9:00 AM did make the list.

Brian Wilson's Response to the daily local's "yellow journalism."

Brian Wilson: :Yellow in black and white" opinion piece found in this weekends Toledo Free Press.

Down towards the bottom he uses a - favorite quoted line with a tagged on question;

"My friend Thomas Sowell wrote: “The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.”

Who do you want to decide? You — or Tom Troy and the bigoted Blade?"

Free Press Retracts - Corrects Story, Wilson to stay on the air

Brian Wilson is still on the air waves! Rumors of his demise are premature.

Brilliant! by Brian Wilson

What the host really thinks of Toledo!

November 7th, 2010 by Brian Wilson

About “comments”
August 22nd, 2010 by Brian Wilson

Mr. Wilson assaulted???

I heard from a friend of mind who is an avid WSPD listener and frustrated that he had called Brian's show on Monday and was hung up on while he was still talking to the host. He said that he heard BW was allegedly assaulted. Is this true?

Brian Wilson complains about John Robinson Block (Toledo Blade) for living in Pittsburgh PA while living in Huddleston VA

Yes its true! Brian Wilson no longer owns a home in Perrysburg Ohio. September 23rd 2010 his Rivers Edge property sold leaving the area for good.

Conservative radio host's foreclosed home set for sheriff's sale

The Toledo Blade reports that Brian Wilson Wood county home has been foreclosed. His property at 3334 Rivers Edge foreclosed in May. According to the Toledo Blade the Libertarian talk show host owes $197,832 on the property but stopped making their mortgage payments last December — the same month they purchased a $340,000 home in Huddleston, Va. His wife Cassie resigned her position May 19, 2009 as WSPD Director of News Operations. Possible retail sale may be in the works.

Who is the moron for the Wilson story?

NEWS: Brian Wilson states he's out at WSPD (gives two week notice on air June 1st)

First it was the swamp gas now we hear Brian Wilson moves to another position (his words) out of town (announced on the morning show). After five years at WSPD Brian Wilson hopefully moves on relieving Toledo of the controversial extreme right wing talk show host. Hopes for Toledo that WSPD finds its roots as a news talk station, fair and balanced, and not a partisan wing of the republican party.

Toxic Toledo makes WSPD's Brian Wilson ill!

Article published May 28, 2010
Radio host: Physicians advised me to relocate
Wilson claims air was making him ill
LISTEN: Brian Wilson explains why he left Toledo
Toledo news radio talk-show host Brian Wilson on Thursday told listeners he was forced to move out of the Toledo area because living here was making him ill. (MORE)

Oh where, Oh where is Brian Wilson

The Blade reported last night that Brian Wilson is no longer in town but in Virginia. His house in Moss Creek is vacant and he and his wife purchased a house in Virginia.
If this is all true where is his integrity? The last 1/2 of his show he closes with Fred LaFebvre telling him he will see him in the morning. Could this also indicate that Fred is also not in Toledo?

WSPD town hall health care forum

WSPD and other sponsors have rescheduled their original meeting which was supposed to happen last week. They will be presenting both sides of the debate. Health care professionals, business owners and insurance reps will be on hand to discuss both sides of the debate. Elected officials from Ohio and southeast Michigan have been invited, but we do not know who has confirmed. Marcy Kaptur will not be in attendance, according to Brian Wilson this afternoon.

Ben Konop Receiving Threats - IS WSPD Involved?

Armed deputy guards are providing security for Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop. According to an article in the Toledo Blade as well as being reported by WTOL News, WSPD radio host Brian Wilson broadcasted Konop's personal cell phone number over the air.

In addition, a man approached Konop inside Government Center, and he had a knife in his waist band.

You can read more and view the interview with Brian Wilson here:

The Children of Liberty Education Series #3 "Economics 101"

WHO: The Children of Liberty
WHAT: Education Series #3 "Economics 101"
WHEN: Wednesday, July 8th 6:30-8:30pm
WHERE: Maumee Branch Library (Please do not call library)
501 River Rd
Maumee, OH 43537
WHY: To become educated regarding economics, capitalism and how tax and spending by our government effects the basic principles of a free market society.

Brian Wilson hurting Take Back Toledo cause?

From the Toledo Free Press:

"[T]he signature-collection drive has been slow. Take Back Toledo’s Ed Nagle said the group has about 2,700 unvalidated petition signatures with a goal of 30,000 to meet the mandated 19,937. With an April 12 deadline, that would require collecting more than 500 signatures every day for the next 56 days — a daunting task."


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