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Remaining anti-whatever accomplishes nothing

Toledo Blade
Article published February 18, 2010
By Marilou Johanek
ONLY a fool would dismiss the Tea Party phenomenon as nothing more than a bunch of radical right-wing nuts gathering to vent.
Only a fool would allow himself to get swept up in baseless hysteria created by talk-show hosts getting rich off inflamed lemmings.
Only a fool would discount positions because they come tainted with meaningless labels, such as liberal or conservative.

Toledo Blade Letter-to-the-Editor: Sweep Out Current Y Leadership

The Toledo Blade
Article published August 27, 2009
Sweep out current Y leadership
In 1959, a country schoolboy's family moved to Toledo's Old West End. There were no creeks and woodlots for youthful rambles, but there was a downtown YMCA and a wonderful huge library. That "Y" was my haven for swimming, wrestling, and Saturday "day" programs that included serial movies. The cost was nominal enough that a kid's family could afford the dollar or so.

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