Barak Obama

Obama Lied To Your Momma!

Barak Obama says Allah is right with him. Supports NY mosque. Is there really anyone who still believes he is a Christian like he says? Muslims are using our own freedoms to destroy us..with the help of our own president.

Community Organizers Pray To Barak Obama

Here is a video of community organizers praying to Barak Obama. This country is in serious trouble.;jsessionid=BC9321DC0E2C06547C7EDF560D5D892...

Barak Obama The Dictator

In the last week...Barak Obama has snubbed our Allies Israel, UK and Poland. Has made nice with the Russians and whack jobs at the G20 Summit. Has stated that America is no different than any other nation and suggested that we drop the dollar and move to a global currency. What a worthless piece of crap!! Worst president ever!! And now, link on the article/video below to see how public schools are teaching kids to sing obama's praises.

THE OBAMA RADIO INTERVIEW. Listen while the Socialist talks about his Socialist ideas in 2001

LISTEN to Barak Obama as he talks about the MISTAKES the founding fathers made, the proper way to "Spread The Wealth", and why he wants to be President.

Bill Clinton, in an interview, says a Governor has more experience than Obama

From an interview with former President Bill Clinton by Bloomberg, Bubba says that a Governor is far more experienced to be President than Obama is. So, according to Bubba Clinton, the Republican Presidential candidate is more experienced than Barak Obama AND the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate is more experienced than Barak Obama.

Primaries finally have interesting developments

Finally after months something interesting happened in the primary campaigns. Barak Obama presented a provacative look into his possible presidency and how he would handle the War on Terror

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