Anita Lopez

Larry Sykes in his own words

The following quotes came from the City Papers' April 6, 2005 edition in an article titled, "The harried citizen’s guide to Toledo Board of Education President Larry Sykes"

"She got caught like Janet Jackson, with her [profanity filter won't let it be posted] out." talking about Francine Lawrence

"She reminds me of a dog that can’t pass a fire hydrant without urinating on it." referring to Anita Lopez

"She has gotten those jobs not on her ability but basically because she’s a Mexican with a law degree and a female." referring to Anita Lopez

large neigborhood group at YMCA, 8/26

A big crowd came together at the South Y today at 5 30. There was no shortage of politicos , including Teresa Fedor , a mayoral candidate , a council candidate.
Anita Lopez brought forth her two boys, one son spoke with passion ' the Y is everything to me ' . His comment drew big applause.
My neighborhood leader Cooper Suter announced that an email had come an hour before the meeting. The Y brass had agreed
to have a meeting with everyone to try to reach an agreement about the Y's future.

Right Wing Propaganda Thursday With Martinez And Lopez On WSPD

The right wing onslaught continues on Thursday when Adam Martinez, Democrat candidate for council visits to talk about his non partisan effort to defeat the Nine Is Fine proposal. I will try to spin it so it looks like Martinez is being controlled by Dick Cheney.

Washington Local Schools due to get overdue $500,000 held by Toledo

Washington Local Schools soon will receive more than $500,000 that was collected over the past seven years on its behalf by the city of Toledo but never transferred to the school system, Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez said.

Ms. Lopez said after taking office she learned the school district had approved a 100 percent tax abatement Dec. 11, 2000, for what was then DaimlerChrysler Corp.

Sides admit auditor post transition has stalled

Today's Blade:

Despite assurances of a smooth transition from Lucas County Auditor Larry Kaczala, Auditor-elect Anita Lopez said she has been stonewalled in the months since the election and was offered assistance only if she guaranteed the jobs of Mr. Kaczala's family members.

Ms. Lopez, who currently serves as Lucas County recorder, said she has not been able to put a transition team in place in the auditor's office and that she has been approached about making deals to protect certain positions in the office. She takes over as auditor March 13.

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