New recall effort against Carty started - Updated

If you did not hear on WSPD the new recall initiative is now out on Carty. The group will be doing more than just recalling Carty, they also plan to support good candidates.
Read more at:

You can hear the full interview and details that came out on Brian's show at:

More information has come out. Read the story at:

Troy Neff Show: Troy Calls Brian Wilson what he is... UPDATE

After Troy's Brian Wilson rant, the e-mails started flooding in. Here is an e-mail response sent to the Troy Neff Show.

This e-mail was Cc to Brian Wilson and now he gives his intellectual response

Troy Neff Show: Troy Calls Brian Wilson what he is...

Check out this video

Yesterday Brian Wilson from WSPD decided to take a shot a Troy Neff. This morning Troy responds and called out Brian Wilson for what he is...
This is a must listen.

Morning Podcast:

Jerry Chabler says: WSPD is the most negative influence in the community

When asked about his relationship with The Blade, Jerry Chabler immediately brought up WSPD's role in the community. He said, "WSPD is probably the most negative influence in this community and has probably done more to prevent economic development in the area than any other one media outlet in the community."

TV, radio will regret print's plunge

An interesting article appeared in Variety and the Toledo Blade and WSPD were mentioned.
Let's face it: TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their news. So what happens to those "rip and read" broadcasters as print staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs strafing the newspaper industry?

Mosh Pit Friday on Eye on Toledo with Chris

Tune into 1370 WSPD Eye on Toledo from 6-7 PM tonight because I will be hosting. Also, visit this post around 6PM, I will have a special treat for you. Since it is mosh pit Friday, you can call in with your topics or issues 419-240-1370 or 1-866-231-1370. You will still need to tune in online and/or listen to your radio, but do that then stop by here.

Intermodal Presentation

Here are some photos from the Intermodal presentation, I will post the video once it is uploaded, look for it early tomorrow morning (it is big).

Troy Neff Show: Brian Wilson Takes a Shot at Troy Neff on WSPD

Troy Neff on WCWA responds to new area resident Brian Wilson who decided to take shots at him on sister station WSPD.

To: Brian Wilson

The talk show environment in Toledo

If you have not noticed, the local talk show has heated up in the last 6 months in the morning. While 1370 WSPD is the highest ranked station in the morning, 1230 WCWA puts together an impressive list of guests each week. Troy went a step further this past week by publishing a weekly guest list at:

Intermodal Presentation

You are invited to attend a viewing of Brian McMahon's presentation on Intermodal Possibilities for Northwest Ohio Thursday June 12th at 7pm. Room 100 in the Health Education Building on the University of Toledo Health Science Campus has been reserved. Seating is limited to app. 150 so plan on arriving early. A question and answer session will follow the short presentation.

Fred's Friday Frenzy On 1370 WSPD

Friday morning an exclusive interview with James Hartung, President Toledo/Lucas County Port Authority on the intermodal facility and his vision for Toledo Express. No one else has had the line up of experts on this topic that WSPD has had and if you need to catch up there are podcasts at

Mike Craig will be on Eye on Toledo from 6-7pm 1370WSPD

Mike Craig will be a guest on Eye On Toledo tonight Wed. May 21 from 6-7pm. Feel free to listen in and call with your questions. Subject Marina District and the development of Toledo. Have any questions please post them here.

1370 WSPD Hosts Only Radio Reps On Hand For Port Authority Announcement

Rather than wait to read it in the paper Brian Wilson and I attended the announcement this morning of a new development of Toledo's riverfront. The Port Authority has acquired the former Chevron land in East Toledo. The site will be developed by Midwest Terminals of Toledo as part of a private-public partnership.

#1 Morning Talk Show 1370 WSPD To Host Martinko

Thursday morning I will be speaking with Richard Martinko P.E. on the topic of an Intermodal facility in our region. Mr. Martinko was at the meeting earlier this week with the Port Authority, WSPD, WTOL, and developer Brian McMahon where the need for this type of facility was discussed.

40 Yards of Pipe for 3000 Jobs? Hardly.

Intermodal freight transportation is exploding around the country and Northwest Ohio is well-placed and well-equipped to handle cargo for the tri-state area. However, we need to be smart about how we encourage development around resources like Toledo Express. Governmental agencies like the Port Authority are working to entice logistics companies into building intermodal terminals at TOL, but they also must determine which development prospects are practical and which proposals will only drain the area's limited infrastructure improvement budget. After reviewing Brian McMahon's proposal, I feel it qualifies as the latter for the following reasons.

Intermodal Update And Some Answers

I had the pleasure of speaking this morning with a number of people actively involved in the intermodal project that is a vision for Toledo Express. I went back and pulled some of handbanana's questions because he seemed a little unsure of how all this would work and confused about the process.

Let's have some fun with photoshop.

I saw on that they have Photoshop contest on their site. The contestants download one image and Photoshop it however they want. Some of them turn out pretty funny. Here's mine. I will let you guess who it is.

Here's the original

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. ~J.K. Galbraith

It's not easy to think for yourself sometimes. Often it's easier to listen to the people "in charge" tell you what they want you to believe without any critical questions being asked. No one wants to appear to be an ass after all. But without the critical questions and often negative appraisal we are left with people following like lambs to the slaughter.

Great Minds Think.............................................For Themselves

Sheep follow the leader. People should think for themselves. Take the facts as you know them and make up your own mind. Attend meetings so you can see for yourself what the politicians say and how they behave. For too long citizens have relied on what politicians say in front of a microphone or camera when we all know quite often they are covering something up.

From My Seat In The Grandstand.............

After reading the entire business plan and attending the council meeting Tuesday, I am more convinced than ever that the ESM is not a viable business. The plan as written by a recent grad of UT contains no real specifics on how the plan will be implemented but rather is a rehash of ideas tried within the last dozen years.

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