Amazon pins big hopes on area wind farm

Amazon pins big hopes on area wind farm

Site to have 48 turbines when it’s running in 2017
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As Inc. moves forward with a billion-dollar project to build a trio of data centers in central Ohio for its web services subsidiary, the online retail giant will simultaneously develop a wind farm in Paulding County to help power them.

The Problem With WSPD 1370

News From Fulton County: Charles Saunders failed to file an Ohio Supreme court merit brief on time

Saunders denied Supreme Court platform
Missed filing deadline
September 14th, 2015

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"The attorney, who represents himself and Fulton County residents RJ Lumbrezer and Roy Norman as complainants to the county’s charter petition, faults himself for the failure. “As a lawyer, I should have known ahead of time that this was coming down, that I should have had my merit brief in by a certain time,” he said.

Rex Fulk tells you why you should NOT vote for the Springfield school levy

Rex Fulk tells you why you should NOT vote for the Springfield school levy
Vote no on Springfield School Levy

Tea Party Patriots Kill Police

Police: Vegas cop killers had anti-government view

A husband and wife who went on a deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas harbored anti-government beliefs and left a swastika and a "Don't tread on me" flag on the body of one of the two police officers they killed, authorities said Monday.

Is WSPD going through the end of product cycle?

Toledo Blade
May 25, 2014
Former Clear Channel executive Andy Stuart returns to local radio with Cumulus

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White Man Rally March 15th

Update: Tens of people showed up for the massive White Man March today

Joe-the-Plumber Toledo Jeep Worker

Joe-the-Plumber is now employed as a Toledo Jeep UAW autoworker. Seems the Tea Party elite abandoned Ole Joe. Maybe Karl Rove can bail him out!

Seattle Hosts Progressive Media Gathering - Is Radio Dead?

The Federal Reserve: Everything you need to know (documentary)

Online education at home without the hype.

Neff faces charges

Toledo Blade
August 6, 2013
Neff faces charges after arrested with prescription pills and concealed handgun

Toledo Free Press
March 21st, 2013
Neff back on radio — sober, more open than ever

Koch Brothers Exposed !

Are Americans Too Uninformed for Democracy?


Papantonio: Are Americans Too Uninformed for Democracy?

the Tea Party group paid Glenn Beck about $1 million to say "nice things" about the group on his radio show

Dick Armey Sticks His FreedomWorks Payback to Glenn Beck
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Jan 4, 2013

Swamp Bubbles and a Potty Mouth

I want to commend Chris Myers for still providing a venue for people to express themselves in North West Ohio. However, this site which I have belonged to since forever has become a beacon for the not so sane members of this website. I have never been the most popular person, writer, commenter etc. on this site but I have enjoyed visiting here to see what is going on in Toledo and all points north. I now am a FaceBook junkie but stop here every once in a while.

The most expensive presidential race in American history,Some $2.6 billion was spent, now its finally coming to an end.

2.6 BILLION. That could of solved some other issues in our country, you think. Unbelievable.

Before You Vote Check This Out....

Take a look at this site before you vote. Go to wallbuilders .com scroll down to 2012 voters guide....Oh and all you home owners get ready for your taxes to go UP!!!!! Thanks to all the levies that will be voted on by many non-home owners ect.....If you want to go to the park, everyone pays to go to the park, if you want to go to the library, you pay. If you want to go to the zoo,you pay and you pay again in the case of the zoo. If you want to go to Cosi, you pay. Thats seems to be a fairer process across the board, instead of homeowners flipping the bill for everyone else..

Whining Salary Delphi Workers


Will Ryan Help Romney Be The Next President?

No,It Doesn't Matter Obama Wins
39% (25 votes)
Yes, It Gives Him A Sold Base With Both Parties
61% (39 votes)
Total votes: 64
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