Colbert Report off air. Where will Wolfboy get his "news"?

OMG! Where will the good little mindless lemming troll Democrap boot-lickers like Wolfboy get their "news" now? This only leaves another comedy show on Comedy Central, the Cartoon Network, MoveOn.org and whatever the puppet-masters George Soros and Warren Buffet can stuff into their empty skulls!

From the Associated Press.
Colbert Report' off air; Comedy Central mum

Democrat Hollywood elite Liberals happily take money from mass killer leader of a terrorist state

Typical of the hypocrites who call themselves the "Democrat Party".
THROWING STONES while their own members take money from a know mass-murderer and LEADER OF A TERRORIST STATE.


The Hollywood Films Financed by Qaddafi Cash

Where's the Toyota threads?

Just curious why we haven't seen a posting on Toyota's terrorist plot to kill Americans.

You wouldn't know it, but this isn't the first recall ever.

But I have a question - The federal government as well as GM are piling on. UAW is in on it too.

Is it because of the seriousness of the issue and GM wants Toyota's customers, or has this crossed the line into nationalism with shades of jingoism because Toyota is a foreign company?

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