Democrats Prosecutorial abuses

As I predicted Texas Governor Rick Perry's attorney's have filed to have the case dismissed outright with prejudice. Go to the link to read the writ.


I must say this is one of the best writs I've seen in a while. It details why using the courts for political reasons is a bad idea and the freedoms it attacks on us and our political system.

Wisconsin seeks to give surplus back to voters

Remember the days when Wisconsin was facing a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. Gov. Scott Walker was elected and the unions tried to recall him.

In his first year Gov. Walker took the 3 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a 300 million dollar surplus.

The impossible has happened again.

Jon Stewart Provides a Reality Hip Check to MSNBC

Normally I would have included this as a comment in one of the posts related to the Wisconsin recall. But seeing as how one of our more "esteemed" posters fancies Jon Stewart video clips, a separate story just seemed more appropriate.

Where are the Koch Brothers???

Another one to place in the "Do as I say, not as I do" file on liberal hypocrisy.

For all the whining that was done on the left about outside money from the right to support Wisconsin's collective bargaining reforms, does it really surprise anyone to see where money is coming from to support the recall efforts?

My apologies if the the chart is a little tough to read. Had to shrink it by half for it to fit. The link to the article at the end of the post will have the full size image.

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