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The city of Toledo's Parade for Crystal Bowersox Friday, May 14, 11:30a.m.
Parade starts at the corner of Washington and Summit streets, moves north on Summit to Madison, concludes inside Promenade Park. FREE & Open to the Public Crystal Bowersox Concert at Levis Square following the Parade (corner of Madison and St. Clair). Friday, May 14, approximately 12:30p.m. (45 minutes of original and cover songs. Sponsored by The Toledo Blade).

Tired of the same one sided extreme right propaganda?

Tired of the same one sided extreme right propaganda? Why not put some balance in your life, listen to 1310 WDTW AM Detroit the progressive station.
Try Thom Hartman from 12 noon to 3PM
Monday October 19th 2009
the warning Hour One: “Impeach Obama?!” Why do conservatives have to resorts to lies and exaggerations? with Floyd Brown www.impeachobamacampaign.com

Plus….Ricky Macoy, unemployed electrician – planning to camp out on his GOP reps lawn if Congress fails to extend unemployment benefits

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck, Invites Him To Be A Keynote Speaker
On his Fox News show this past Wednesday, right-wing extremist Glenn Beck claimed, “The uber-left is in business with big business.” But next Tuesday, Beck is keynoting a U.S. Chamber of Commerce forum in Michigan sponsored by several major corporations, including AT&T, Comcast, and Dow Corning.

Toledo Blade Letter-to-the-Editor: Sweep Out Current Y Leadership

The Toledo Blade
Article published August 27, 2009
Sweep out current Y leadership
In 1959, a country schoolboy's family moved to Toledo's Old West End. There were no creeks and woodlots for youthful rambles, but there was a downtown YMCA and a wonderful huge library. That "Y" was my haven for swimming, wrestling, and Saturday "day" programs that included serial movies. The cost was nominal enough that a kid's family could afford the dollar or so.

Toledo Chrysler workers await news on model cuts, changes

Chrysler workers await news on model cuts, changes

AP Auto Writer

DETROIT (AP) -- At a Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio, workers fear that Chrysler's new Italian management will scrap one of the two models they make, costing some of them their jobs.

Movie-Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story
Staring Michael Moore With Cameo appearance Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.
Marcy movie quote, “The people here (Washington) are not really in charge.”
Opening October 2
It's a crime story. But it's also a war story about class warfare. And a vampire movie, with the upper 1 percent feeding off the rest of us. And, of course, it's also a love story. Only it's about an abusive relationship.

Racist Right Wing Extreme Radio- Can be heard on WSPD 1370AM

Right shuffles race card into ‘stealth reparations’
Clarence Page
I thought slavery reparations were a dead issue by now. Glenn Beck set me straight.
The radio talk show host and Fox News Channel star says President Barack Obama’s proposed health care overhaul is really “stealth reparations,” a form of racial payback in Beck’s world by another name.
I am not making this up. On his radio program last month and in a video floating around the Web, Beck argues that Obama’s announced opposition to reparations is only a smoke screen for his “stealth” support. (MORE)

TPS Gives Away Scott High School

Large quantity of desks new and old, chairs, tables, shelves, many vintage items from the science department--microscopes gauges and many old "display science items, wood shop items--wood planes, instruments, vintage metal chairs, vintage display cases etc. and much more!
we are selling the unattached assets of the building.

German automaker unlawfully stripped billions of dollars in assets from the U.S. carmaker before selling it

"Old Chrysler" creditors sue Daimler
By BREE FOWLER (AP) – 1 day ago
NEW YORK — Chrysler LLC's creditors have filed a lawsuit against
Daimler AG charging that the German automaker unlawfully stripped
billions of dollars in assets from the U.S. carmaker before selling it
to a private equity firm.

Parallels could be drawn of 1930 German Propagandists and 2009 American Radio and Cable Hosts

Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life for twelve years, Joseph Goebbels was born into a strict Catholic, working-class family from Rheydt, in the Rhineland, on 29 October 1897.

Thoughts and comments

I just wanted to get some feed back....Let us know what your think. I cut up these radio interviews. Thanks to Denny and Fred... we appreciate everything. ( my apologies for this not being better... but have had interviews to work on)

Retired Auto Workers have their Say( Pt.1) The Real News

Retired Auto Workers have their Say( Pt.1)
First in a series of discussions with a group of retired autoworkers
in Detroit

Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked

Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked
By Kleinheider
From Mediaverse:

Conservative radio host Mike Fleming was fired today, according to sources.

Fleming, host of “The Mike Fleming Radio Program” on News Radio WREC 600 AM, was fired as part of layoffs that occurred at Clear Channel radio stations in Memphis, according to sources.
Also check out, http://mediamatters.org/columns/200905050007

Road rage suspect cleared of charges

WOOD COUNTY, OH - Felony charges against a Tennessee man accused of stabbing Toledo radio personality Troy Neff during a road rage incident in December have been dropped.

Last week the case against Jeffrey T. Hardeman, 42, was dismissed after the Wood County grand jury failed to return formal indictment against the Knoxville, Tenn., man.

Troy Neff Show: Not Going Away

11 covers the curious case of Troy Neff. Troy explains that he will be back on the air waves soon.

Check out more interviews @:troyneff.com

Send your T-mails to troy@troyneff.com

Troy Neff Show: Michael Miller Talks to Troy after being a victim in stabbing incident

Troy Neff interview

Michael Miller from the Toledo Free Press interviews Troy about the Wednesday
night incident.


Check out more interviews @:troyneff.com

Send your T-mails to troy@troyneff.com

Troy Neff Show: Left Attacks Conservative Female Calendar

Jessica Cantelon Interview

Left Attacks Female Conservative Calendar
by Jessica Cantelon

Not content with having won the White House and expanded its majorities in the House and Senate, the Left is now training its vitriol on ... a calendar.

Troy Neff Show: Take Back Toledo

13abc Conklin & Company: The Recall Carty Campaign is Discussed.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Miller talks about recall Carty effort

Michael Miller Interview

Troy talks to the Editor in Chief of the Toledo Free Press about the Blade article of Tom Pounds denying involvement in the recall for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.


The president and publisher of the weekly Toledo Free Press newspaper yesterday denied backing the recall effort announced last week against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Troy Neff Show: Drive for auto bailout should not be automatic

James Inhofe, the senator from Oklahoma, said recently, and I am paraphrasing: “I’m looking at this bailout and the Treasury secretary Paulson. Hell, best I can tell, he may have given some of this money to his friends.”

The truth is he can do whatever he wants with it. He has that type of authoritarian power. He has been named the sole person, whoever the treasury secretary is, to provide for the economic welfare of the country and the American people.

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