U.S. Supreme Court


It's been a well known fact that the Democrats have supported homosexual marriage for years (I will not say gay) but now so are the Republicans. Both of the major parties have gone crazy as well as (if you believe the polls) a majority of the American people. This is a good reason for Christians to completely become disentangled from politics and focus on the Scripture and the well being of their own soul. We are left with only one option: praying for all of those who are swept up in this crazy movement.

Getting the most out of your "Beck rights"

Under the 1988 Supreme Court decision in Communications Workers of America v. Beck, every member of a union is entitled to a full refund of their dues that are not directly used for representing them (i.e. political contributions, lobbying, etc.).

Please take a moment to read through and pass along to any family and/or friends who may be trapped under the progressive-socialist agenda of today's union bosses.

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