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Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked

Memphis Right-Wing Radio Talker Sacked
By Kleinheider
From Mediaverse:

Conservative radio host Mike Fleming was fired today, according to sources.

Fleming, host of “The Mike Fleming Radio Program” on News Radio WREC 600 AM, was fired as part of layoffs that occurred at Clear Channel radio stations in Memphis, according to sources.
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Radio stations cut costs in economic downturn

Radio stations cut costs in economic downturn
Portland stations have imposed salary reductions, layoffs and other cuts to reduce costs.
The economic crisis is affecting Portland's radio stations, with owners imposing salary reductions, layoffs and other cuts to reduce costs in the wake of declining advertising revenue. (MORE)

Troy Neff to accept plea deal

From the Toledo Free Press


Troy Neff said April 5 he will accept a plea bargain for a first-degree misdemeanor assault charge stemming from a road rage incident

The financial adviser, former radio talk show host and former Toledo Free Press contributor acknowledged he will take four-degree misdademor and the judge will decide his sentence on April 6.

Road rage suspect cleared of charges

WOOD COUNTY, OH - Felony charges against a Tennessee man accused of stabbing Toledo radio personality Troy Neff during a road rage incident in December have been dropped.

Last week the case against Jeffrey T. Hardeman, 42, was dismissed after the Wood County grand jury failed to return formal indictment against the Knoxville, Tenn., man.

The latest turns in the Troy Neff saga

Wow, a lot of things have happened in the last week. If you have not caught your breath, I don't blame you.

Troy Neff Show: Not Going Away

11 covers the curious case of Troy Neff. Troy explains that he will be back on the air waves soon.

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Report: Troy Neff stabbed - updated

12/12/2008 - update$rol.exe/headline_id=n18755 - Troy Neff admitted yesterday that his temper might have contributed to getting him into trouble two times within a 24-hour period.

Clear Channel pulls Troy Neff show

Free Press is reporting that the Troy Neff show has been pulled off of 1230 WCWA
Free Press updated their story early this morning - 12/12/08

8:54PM - WTOL says it is over a conflict -

Troy Neff Show: Michael Miller Talks to Troy after being a victim in stabbing incident

Troy Neff interview

Michael Miller from the Toledo Free Press interviews Troy about the Wednesday
night incident.


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Troy Neff Show: Left Attacks Conservative Female Calendar

Jessica Cantelon Interview

Left Attacks Female Conservative Calendar
by Jessica Cantelon

Not content with having won the White House and expanded its majorities in the House and Senate, the Left is now training its vitriol on ... a calendar.

Troy Neff Show: Take Back Toledo

13abc Conklin & Company: The Recall Carty Campaign is Discussed.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Miller talks about recall Carty effort

Michael Miller Interview

Troy talks to the Editor in Chief of the Toledo Free Press about the Blade article of Tom Pounds denying involvement in the recall for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.


The president and publisher of the weekly Toledo Free Press newspaper yesterday denied backing the recall effort announced last week against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Troy Neff Show: Be Careful What You Wish For...

During FOX Toledo News' extended You Decide 2008 coverage of the presidential election as well as the regional races and issues, a panel of area experts brought insight and lively discussion throughout the evening.

The Troy Neff on Blog Tv

Check out the Troy Neff Show on Blogtv right now.
Here is the Link

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner discusses Toledo-Oregon coking factory, Matt Sapara, James Hartung and comments on Maggie Thurber

The Mayor chooses the Troy Neff Show to release breaking news to the media about information, or lack there of, on the coking factory

In this interview Mayor Carty Finkbeiner fills us in on the Toledo-Oregon coking factory. The Mayor talks in detail about how the project is moving and the conversation the he had with Matt Sapara, the development director for the port authority.

Troy Neff is interviewed by Andrew Z about the Charles Fackelman Case on 92.5 KISS FM

It's been a strange case. What started as an alleged road rage incident in June 2007 in Whiteford Township, turned into something more when the father of one of the victims threatened one of the suspects. The father ended up being sentenced to prison himself. But 1230 AM WCWA morning show host Troy Neff says he can't believe the way this is going.

Troy’s Interview with Andrew Z

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