"We must have PORTSIDE!"

Over at that other site a certain someone who shall remain unnamed has made no fewer than three comments calling for the return of Portside (and one calling the Imagination Station crooks that have "stolen infrastructure from COSI").


Hi. I've been banned from "that other site".

So yes, banned from "that other site" for daring to speak up to counter the racist/class-warfare comments and disrespect towards the OTHER victims of the north Toledo apartment fire (the residents). Or at least that's what I think, because of course there was no warning, no contact, nothing from that other site's admin. Because no matter how you slice it, to make the statement "What is there to gain on a multi tenant building in North Toledo. Call it a loss and let the insurance company take over." is disrespecting the unfortunate residents, the owner, and the neighborhood .

I found something very interesting

I found something interesting when I was searching SB for purnhrt's quotes on her conduct at GCJ.

I noticed a thread entitled "Deleted" and since I was trying to copy the link where LRW deleted purnhrt's quotes I naturally clicked on it.

What's interesting is that isn't what the story was about. In fact, it wasn't that at all.

It was an old thread, with the initial post removed by the originator. In this case Sarge. It was removed a week ago. Actually not removed, but edited so the original story/poll/event couldn't be read.

Blade story on local bloggers

If you did not already see, the Toledo Blade had a front page story about the bloggers in the area. Yours truly was also in it. I had one quote and it provided a description of what I do and a link to a couple of my sites. Newspapers are limited to a certain amount of space and seeing the print version, that space was rather large. The online version you can't get the same feel for what was put in the print version. The print version of the article also included a photo of me live blogging the TPS meeting last month.

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