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Toledo Public Schools

TPS LEVY Renewal ( not a new tax) Issue 7---------VOTE YES!!!

I attended a wonderful Rally this evening for our community to show support of the Levy Renewal for TPS Issue 7. However, I noticed that two Board members , Robert Torres and Darlene Fisher, were not there along with all other Board members to show our community you care. As I remeber correctly, you both voted to place the Levy on the ballot this March. I am curious to find out why?

A retired TPS teacher speaks out!

Avie Dixon concludes her article , A Body Without a Head Is... in The Truth with a plea to the Toledo Board of Education:

To members of the Toledo Board of Education,

Is the Urban Coalition for or against the upcoming school levy?

15% (4 votes)
19% (5 votes)
noncoalition members for levy:
37% (10 votes)
noncoalition members against:
30% (8 votes)
Total votes: 27

Toledo Board of Education President Steven Steel - conflicted or not?

A lot has been said and written as to whether Steven Steel has a conflict of interest or not, well we did some research.

The Urban Coalition has investigated the situation including the definitions of a Conflict of Interest, Ohio Ethics Commission advisory opinions, the Ohio Revised Code, why public service unions such as the Toledo Federation of Teachers participate in selecting their “bosses” through election and much more.

Unprofessional political cartooning from the Toledo Blade.

Unprofessional political cartooning. With TPS’s 96,000 days of missed school due to suspensions(in school and out of school) and expulsions it would seem that this would be a matter of concern not a matter of derision from the Toledo Blade.

TPS incompetance

I have an International family staying with me. The husband received his Master's degree in education from a BGSU last August. He has not taken the Praxis test yet for a teaching license . So I went with him to Manhattan st. , Toledo Board of Education last August to sign up as a substitute teacher. .

Steven Steel proves he does only work for those who donate to his campaign-namely TFT

I came across this blogger's recent conversation with Steven Steel. I do not know who this blogger is and I don't even think I have seen him at school functions, so this is a conversation with a normal citizen. Other than the shear rudeness of the conversation, I think it provides some insight into Steel's beliefs. I believe in a Blade, Journal or Free Press article, he continues to deny that those that help him, namely the TFT, have any special privilege. Well that is not what he tells the blogger Omar the Great:

Toledo teachers waiting for 'green light' on charter school

TOLEDO -- Time may be running out for the Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT) union proposed GEM Academy. But the union is moving forward anyway.

News 11's Tanieya Lewis has the latest in this assignment education report.

All of TPS' problems are solved, now they want to focus on how businesses do business

I can't believe I am reading this. The district has so many things challenging it (such as actually compiling with the law and working to fix the 54% of schools with a D or F ranking) and they want to collect diversity stats to check the diversity practices of the financial institutions? This type of ignoring the issues almost harkens back to trimming trees and other programs while the City sinks. I wonder who's harebrained idea this was?

It was Steel

I saw on the WTOL 6PM news it is the board president Steel in the diciplined teacher data base...doesn't this set a bad example?

Smoke, Mirrors and Bull Waste from TPS

This was written on 9/13 but I just found it this morning. I was feeling hopeful - AGAIN after reading a Toledo Blade story about Steve Steel forming a task force to help with our failing school system. Once again, I second guessed myself after the Blade made everybody look bad except Steel.

I did not live in Toledo in 1999 when this first started but after reading this: - I have to ask - how many times does Toledo traditionally fall for the exact same trick out of the exact same people/job positions?

Rules don't apply to me

Note: I release all photos on this page from copyright. Use and duplicate as you wish.

After today's retreat, when I left the building, I noticed one of our board members parked in a handicap spot (see photos). I guess rules don't apply to that board member. A lot more happened at the meeting, but that will be in a different report.

Can you guess which one it was? Yes, you were right Larry Sykes. Maybe he has a handicap sticker in his car, I did not see one. So take this as you want. I will tell you I have never seen him park in a handicap spot at board meetings.

06 survey may sway TPS board on levy vote

The Toledo Board of Education has a little more than a month to debate whether it will ask voters in May to support a new levy, and a mere 185 voters may be unwittingly swaying the argument.

The board has debated putting a levy on the ballot for nearly a year. Its last attempt in August was shot down by members Darlene Fisher and Robert Torres.

In the survey, which was obtained yesterday by The Blade, 71 percent of the respondents, or 132 people, initially said they would vote against a Toledo Public Schools levy.

Read the entire article:

Board travel account- does it matter?

The TPS Board recently voted to increase spending allowance for the service fund.

In the Toledo Blade today we find:

Ms. Fisher again cast the lone dissenting vote. She said $15,000 for a school year should be sufficient and each board member should be limited to $3,000.

Instead, she said, more than $7,000 has been spent on Mr. Sykes' travel since he was elected while she has spent none.

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