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My Response to the Pickett Washer and Dryer

I have not responded to the bombardment of posts concerning the deplorable situation at Pickett not because I am guilty of anything and I stand by any statement or e-mail that I wrote concerning Pickett Elementary.

Troy Neff Show: Troy interviews Bob Vasquez, Chris Myers, Darlene Fisher and Cheryl Catlin

Troy Neff Show: Troy interviews Bob Vasquez, Chris Myers, Darlene Fisher and Cheryl Catlin

Troy always gets the news makers first. The Toledo Board of Education selected Bob Vasquez to replace Robert Torres. Listen to Chris Myers, Darlene Fisher and Cheryl Catlin give their opinion on the decision.

Way to go Pickette!!!!

Please read ....................How awesome and shame on you Mrs. Page for causing havic!

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

So why did the board take time to do interviews ? Its seems they had their person pre-picked , and they sure don't listen to the voters' selection. I emailed all the board members, and didn't get the courtesy of even a reply from any of them.

Vasquez: New TPS Board Member

Posted: Friday, March 07, 2008 at 8:24 a.m.

A stabbing at Start High School.

Two students were stabbed today at Start High School and the school is on lock down. I don't know the extent of the injuries but it is ironic that this would happen at a good school after passage of Issue #7.

Toledo Public School board appointment interviews - No public decision tonight, maybe Friday

Here are the board appointment interviews. The audio is in raw unedited WMA format and goes about 3.5 hrs. I am releasing the audio from copyright, feel free to use it as you want. It would be nice to credit, but it is not mandatory. The starts out with the first candidate and ends with the last one. There are a few 10 minute breaks in between.

Issue 7 and Issue 1 Mailings

Here are the latest mailings for the renewal of the 3/4% tax and Issue 7, the TPS Renewal.

Public Education, Or Lack The Lack Of It?

It is a shame. It is an absolute shame that we have allowed the Public Schools, the most precious gift of human kind in the world to be virtually destroyed. We have allowed this institution which was built upon the proposition, that everybody should have an excellent education, to be destroyed!

What is the real financial condition of TPS?

Just posted at TPSINFO.COM: February 28, 2008 - Just what is the true financial condition of TPS?

Where is the support for Issue 7?

Just posted at TPSINFO.COM: February 27, 2008 – As of 12:05 PM Wednesday, 2/27, the headquarters of the Toledo Federation of Teachers is without a sign, large or small, supporting Issue 7, the TPS levy. Does Francine Lawrence support the employer that pays the wages of all TPS teachers?

Troy Neff Show: Interviewing TPS Applicants

Troy Neff Show: Interviewing TPS Applicants

Troy is interviewing TPS applicants. Interviews completed so far: Chris Myers, Cheryl Catlin, Jim Whiteman, Bob Vasquez, and Vince Hornik.

Check the interviews out at

TPS Board Candidates Will All Be Interviewed.

The Toledo Public School's Board of Education decided in executive session tonight to interview all 14 candidates on March 5, 2008 at 5:30PM. Each candidate will present a two minute introduction and then answer four questions, one from each board member. Each candidate will be allotted 15 minutes. That will take almost four hours.

Toledo Board of Education applicants - resumes and more!

At TPSINFO.COM we have the resumes of applicants for Toledo Board of Education. We believe one candidate should be excluded due to a conflict of interest issue - Angelita Cruz Bridges who is Director of Operations/General Counsel for the Lucas County Auditor

Bishop Stephen Ward's Security Measures For TPS

Tips to School Security for Toledo Public Schools

There was once a time when smoking in the boy's room was the infraction of the day. Those days are today's public school, officials must deal with violence, sexual harassment, statutory rape, drugs, weapons, gangs, bombs, shootings, computer hacking, theft, irate disgruntled parents and domestic violence.

Troy Neff Show: Transparency is the Currency of Public Trust.

Troy Neff Show: Transparency is the Currency of Public Trust.

Troy interviews TPS school critic Steven Flagg. Steve explains the message he is trying to send with a no vote on the Toledo Public Schools' renewal levy.

Will you be voting for or against the Toledo Public School's renewal levy?

Listen to the interview:

My application for the open TPS board position

Tonight I e-mailed my resume and cover letter to the Toledo Public School district for the opening on the board. I have attached it here for you to see if you want.

Vote No: Demand Change press conference and rally to oppose Issue 7, the TPS levy.

On Thursday, 2/21 at 4 PM at the Kent Branch library - large auditorium, there will be a Vote No: Demand Change press conference and rally to oppose Issue 7, the TPS levy.

TPS Special Board Meeting Report

The Toledo Public School’s special board meeting was an exercise in political posturing. President Steel laid the groundwork for the selecting of the next board member who will take the place of Robert Torres. It was a political love-fest.


There will be a special TPS board meeting tomorrow February 13, 2008 at 7:30 AM to discuss the procedure for filling the vacancy left by Robert Torres.

Maybe an opening for the third place vote getter? huh Chris?

Here is the link to the resignation of Torres. Should be interesting to see where we go from here.

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