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Toledo Public Schools

Scott High School debate-listen in

TPS will be talking more about Scott High School and the building plan at their meeting tomorrow night. If you did not hear Eye on Toledo last Thursday, you can learn more about Scott High School and what is going on there by listening to the recently posted podcast on the Eye on Toledo site.

New staff slated at Pickett School - Updated

Pickett Elementary School in central Toledo will be given a new set of teachers and administrators next school year in hopes of improving its chronic under performance and complying with the federal No Child Left Behind Act, Superintendent John Foley announced yesterday.

I don't agree with WTOL congratulating Foley on reforms

I don't think WTOL should be congratulating Foley on the nice move on restructuring the three schools. They should be asking "What took so long?" A year ago I mentioned the district was in violation of the federal law for not making changes at these schools, which was a year late at that time. I also wonder if it was not an issue last year, if we would be hearing this announcement this week.

Bob Reinbolt: TPS may get nothing.

Troy talks to Bob Vasquez and Bob Reinbolt about Marina District tax-revenue plan that was rejected by TPS. Also, Lisa Sobecki explains the changes at Pickett Elementary School.

Interview Highlights:

Bob Vasquez Interview


The actions of the Toledo Public Schools these past two weeks has been anything but exemplary. Let’s start with the Start High school graduation. The Start graduates were given instructions concerning graduation that included the following. “This is still a school event and a dignified ceremony, not a ball game. No gestures, dancing, hand signs, hooting, hollering, yelling.

TPS finally complies with the law, almost one year after I mentioned it, 1.5 years late

From the better late than never files:

WTOL reported today TPS is finally doing what they should of done with Pickette, Fulton, and Chase.

Read about it at:
Bad grades set 3 TPS schools on new paths


I do hope this is the foundation for change at those schools, they need it. ranks TPS's Graduation rate for 04-05 at 44.2%

The latest rankings are out and TPS's graduation rate is rated at 44.2%. They use the different equation to figure this out by seeing how many people who start high school, versus graduate high school. According to the Gates Foundation and, 55.8% of TPS students don't graduate. What do you think? Last October the Big 8 self reported their graduation scores and TPS's rate was 86.1%. I guess this is the difference between self-reported scores and independent analysis. Both have completely different motivations for releasing their scores.

As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he

As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he called me names from his seat as president, I had been silenced when Larry Sykes was the president, and now that Steve Steel is president the rule is that if I ask a question the board members just look at me and don’t say a word. I guess this is some sort of intimidation tactic.

Troy Neff Show: Focus on Education with Darlene Fisher

Education is a hot topic for Toledo and Troy gets the newsmakers. Here is a collection of today’s interviews that cover the Marina District project and fact finder report.

Darlene Fisher

Steven Flagg

Steven Steel

Is TPS setting us up for a poor deal and more in the future?

There is a phrase that I have heard tossed around by a few candidates last year and repeated today, which I wonder why it is ever said:

"When you bargain collectively, particularly in Ohio, you give and take," Mr. Ford said.


I can't believe this :)

Help with TPS and IEP

My nephew has an IEP. TPS broke IDEA( Ind. with Disabilites Act) by writing the IEP ( Ind. Education Plan) and not contacting my sister or going through all three steps. Long story but is sister is not a strong advocate. But on this one they NEVER contacted her that I or she knows of and never wrote a letter or visited as is written in the statue.

Troy Neff Show: Chris Myers & Lisa Sobecki discuss the fact-finder report

Troy and Chris chat about the TPS boards’ decision to vote on the fact-finder report Friday. On the other hand, Lisa is a little more reserved with her comments.

Are they just going to rubber stamp it just to avoid a strike during the school year, or for personal gain?

Chris Myers

Troy Neff Show: TFT President Fran Lawrence is Playing Hardball

Troy and Stephen Flagg of the Urban Coalition of Toledo, discuss the fact-finder report regarding the new TFT contract.

Get more info from The Blade

John Foley Interview

The interview link with John Foley has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may now log onto the Toledo View to hear the entire interview with Mr. Foley.

In the interview, TPS Superintendent, John Foley - Sets the record straight about TPS, Scott High School and much more!

To listen, log onto...

Hillary Clinton Still Owes the Toledo Public Schools and University of Toledo money for events

Will Hillary Clinton force us taxpayers to pay for Bill Clinton's visit to the Toledo Technology Academy and the University of Toledo ?

According to Clinton's campaign finance filing on 4/20, she still owes the Toledo Public Schools $4800 dollars. Now I am assuming it was when Bill Clinton was there, because this is the only time that Clinton held an event at the Toledo Public Schools.

The Toledo View

This week on the Toledo View:

Toledo Public Schools Superintendent John Foley sets the record straight about TPS, Scott High School and much more!

Pastor John Walthall talks about the state of 'the church' and how the church at-large has compromised their position within the community and abroad.

Also controversial editorials entitled:

Harry Weatherholt was sentenced today to 12 years in prison for the sexual battery of a 13 year old student.

Harry Weatherholt (Mr. Harry) was sentenced today to 12 years in prison for the sexual battery of a 13 year old Leverette Junior High School student. If I heard it correctly on Fox news, former school board members (no names given) spoke up for him. This is appalling if true.

TPS Board Retreat Report

Here is the audio and a picture of the TPS board retreat. Twila was there and will give you more details, but it is here for you to listen. The audio is in raw format.


We have done an extensive study of The Toledo Plan and feel that it should be abolished as it is supposed to rid the school system of “bad” veteran teachers through evaluation, instead it is being used to rid the school system of first year teachers through peer mentoring. Its target, primarily, is the non traditional first year teacher.

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