Toledo Public Schools

Toledo Public Schools

TPS votes to renovate Scott

After a long battle the Scott Alumni got their wish. Now it will be interesting to see what it will entail. Scott requires a lot of work.

TPS levy robocalls cause problems in Wisconsin - Updated

Uh Oh, someone messed up.

Toledo City Council split in its vote on support for 5 local levies

Toledo City Council has for years routinely rubber-stamped purely ceremonial resolutions offering support for tax levies appearing for a vote on Election Day, but last night the practice started a debate among the councilmen.

TPS students making campaign literature as part of class assignments?

Maggie Thurber is reporting on her blog, TPS students are making pro-levy cards to send to their parents in class. That is just poor taste and a perfect example of group think gone bad.

From Maggie's blog:

TPS Discipline Policy Seminars

The African American Parents’ Association will be holding parent and student informational seminars to address the Toledo Public School's Discipline Policy and it’s implementation, throughout the 2008-2009 school year. These seminars will provide information on 1. what the rules are, 2. what the law is, 3. what your rights are, and 4.

TPS wants you to know its levy renewal is "Emergency Requirements"

The absentee ballots have gone out and seeing the wording on TPS's levy renewal raised my eyebrows. Who approved the wording and the font? Looks a little misleading, look for yourself. I apologize for the blurriness, you can click on the image to get a larger version.

Could charter school proposal be against state law? (was: Freducation On Charter Schools Resolution)

Like always, feel good legislation seems to rule the day in Toledo. Many times this feel good legislation will cause more problems. Could this charter school issue be another legal issue in waiting? Why may the Toledo council and plan commission be treading on very thin legal ice if they require districts to follow Ohio School Facilities Commission requirements?

Ohio football team to sit out 1 game after fight

The Rogers fight has made the AP wire,
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A Toledo high school football team is being forced to sit out its next game after an on-field fight last Friday night.

Toledo Rogers will forfeit this week's game against Toledo Whitmer.

Sanitizing the test numbers

Cleveland Plain Dealer - September 9, 2008
In this era of academic accountability, the test scores of thousands of Ohio public-school students are being left behind.
The districts they attended collected state money for their education.
They took the appropriate state achievement and graduation tests.

Toledo Public Schools kicks off levy campaign

With spirit comparable to the young, energetic cheerleaders, Toledo Public Schools Superintendent John Foley blew his whistle, twirled his baton, and marched with a large, black-feathered Busby hat to rally community support for his schools.

He was a cheerleader at the last levy kickoff and couldn’t do that again.

TPS' chief finance officer resigns, plans to relocate

This is an interesting development:

Toledo Public Schools' chief business manager is leaving the district at the end of the month to run his consulting firm full time.

Ron Victor, who has been with the district since January, 2007, has decided to resign from TPS to devote his energy to Leadership Ideas, a consulting firm he started four years ago.


The African American Parents' Association is having an Informational Forum for parents, students and community members who are interested in learning how to advocate for keeping students in school as opposed to suspensions, expulsions and removals.

TPS designated as Continuous Improvement on 2008 report card

August 26, 2008 - The Toledo Public Schools today announced that they reached the Continuous Improvement (CI) designation with a Performance (PI) Index of 80.1. The PI was just barely above the minimum 80 required for a CI designation. The change over last year was 1 point or 1.26% increase. more...

Scott attack an inside job

by Warren Woodberry

Teachers cruise Lake Superior to help their students

Read about this cool program:
Josh Sandwisch of Toledo, Ohio says the experience allows him to offer more than a lesson plan to his students.

Save Our Scott Events

Thursday July 24, 2008 - 9:00 AM - in front of Scott High School*- 2400
Collingwood Blvd.
Save Our Scott (SOS) will hold a press conference in front of Scott High
School (Collingwood Blvd. Side) to publicize our efforts to save Scott, and
to make the community aware of what will happen if Scott is not renovated. We
will ask the public to sign our petition, and list the ways in which they

How long does it take to get a response from TPS on if there is a meeting this month?

Ok, so yesterday around noon, I used the TPS Web contact form and asked a simple question on if there is a regularly scheduled meeting this month. Well I have not heard a response from TPS. You can watch the counter on the right to see how long it takes TPS to answer a question from their Web site.

Toledo superintendent sued over public records

TPS is not responding to ABLE's request:

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality Inc. yesterday filed a lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court against Toledo Public Schools Superintendent John Foley seeking public information.

Would you support modifying the bond language so TPS can get all of the approved money, not percentage?

Does TPS actually have a quote and a plan for Scott High School?

I ask this question because back on 6/17 I asked TPS for a quote/plan for Scott High School. The answer I got is they would prepare something, I have yet to see something.

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