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Toledo Public Schools

TPS graduation rate falls to 34% according to Edweek

The latest graduation numbers from Edweek have come out, and TPS's graduation rate has fallen to 34.5% compared to 69.2% for national average. There is a wide discrepency between these third party reports and the reports the local school districts and state puts together, but that is because the local school districts and state have to have high numbers to stay under the No Child Left Behind radar. But the difference is getting quite large, especially since TPS is reporting a 80some percent graduation rate.
The trend (TPS - National):
2006 34.5% 69.2%
2005 44.2% 70.6%

Darlene Fisher Presses on:

Tonight a Toledo Public School Board Retreat was held at the Kent Branch Library. There was an emergency proposal for $750,000 for improvements at the Devillbiss building that will eventually house Scott High School students. This construction money seems pretty innocent until you realize why so much money is being spent because Scott High School students will be learning alongside of Grove Patterson students, Toledo Technology Academy students and I believe Ryder students.

Why are local contractors not bidding as often on TPS school jobs?

Why are local contractors not bidding as often on TPS school jobs?

Fisher announces the start of her re-election campaign

Fisher announces the start of her re-election campaignFisher to sign clean campaign pledge at Kickoff Fundraiser

Segregation seen in TPS’ redistribution of students

From the Toledo Journal:


Racial segregation within Toledo Public Schools will increase under a student redistribution plan now under consideration, opponents said at a community meeting last week.

Under the plan, a majority of 441 Libbey High School students who would be assigned to Scott High School are black while a majority of Libbey’s white and Latino students would be assigned to two other schools, critics said.

Decision to tear down Libbey was made several years ago?

There will be a meeting March 19 at 6 PM at Jones Middle School (corner of Collingwood and Gunckel) on the status and apparent tearing down of Libbey High School.

I think it is news to anyone that the "decision was made several years ago" to tear it down according to what Chuck Cornwell, Chairman of the Libbey High School Hall of Fame Committee read.

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Quality Education In Toledo And Ohio

Ron Adler of Ohio Coalition for Quality Education will be my guest on Friday at 7:30 to talk about the governor's plan for Ohio's eduction system. There are serious problems with what Strickland wants to do and most mayor Ohio papers have already been critical of the plan along with numerous Ohio businesses.
Phones will be open so join us. Or listen to a music station and find out who got bumped of Dancing With The Stars.

Printing machine model numbers on Cleveland schools invoices are phony, sheriff's detective says

Apparently the printers on the invoices never existed. Did I mention how good it is that this happened in Cleveland? At least we will probably hear the rest of the story.
Not only did the Cleveland schools fail to receive six printing machines at the center of a state and county investigation, but a detective says the equipment never existed.

Model numbers on the invoices are similar to some used by Ryobi, the company listed as the manufacturer. But the numbers are phony, Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Detective David Lisy said.

Holding TPS accountable for stimulus money press conference

Four Toledo, Ohio groups, concerned with the plight of black students ask U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to hold the Toledo Public School's Board of Education accountable for any "stimulus" funds coming into the district. President Barack Obama has demanded accountability from Mayors and promises to "call out" stimulus recipients who use monies to further their own agendas or to perpetrate fraudulent distribution of funds. We promise the same scrutiny and accountability.

When white schools go black

...One principal is quoted as saying: "They [Black South Africans] hear that the [White] school has a 100% pass rate and they trust the white set-up far more than they trust township schools because there are no unions, no strikes."

Black schools are therefore emptying and closing, whereas white schools are overcrowded. However, this is a self-defeating, temporary practice. As soon as there are too many black pupils in a school, the standards start dropping, discipline deteriorates and the results plummet...

Community Design Meeting for the renovation of Scott

There is a Community Design Meeting for the renovation of Scott being held
by TPS on Thursday, February 19 at 6:00 p.m. at Scott High.

McTigue Middle School PTA meeting tomorrow @ 6pm

I am looking forward to attending tomorrow's PTA meeting at McTigue. Mrs. King (a wonderful principal who has high expectations for both the students AND parents), according to the pre-recorded phone call left in our voice mailbox, has "retired", and the new leadership will introduce themselves at this meeting.

Purchases by schools executive probed in Toledo, Cleveland

More on the Burns saga. Glad the Plain Dealer is following up on this because they do not have kid gloves when it comes to TPS-let's hope they keep looking.
A company at the heart of an investigation into Cleveland schools purchasing had a lucrative run with former district Chief Operating Officer Daniel Burns when he worked in Toledo, records show.

Superior Offset Supplies, based in Toledo, received about $929,000 from the Toledo schools in the 5½ years that Burns served as assistant to the district's business manager and later as chief business manager, the records indicate.

English, please 2

Can anyone translate this? I don't know if this is good or bad for TPS.

Three more copiers missing from Cleveland schools - Toledo connections

More copying machines are missing from Cleveland Public Schools. Here is something of note: it seems like everything goes by here in Toledo, but when they get to Cleveland, they make Sanders resign his board seat from 5/3 Bank and they actually investigate people. Makes you wonder what is going on here locally in the Toledo Public Schools that is not reported. Does a person actually go from being an angel to losing track of 6 large duplication machines? The company they were purchased from is a local company - Superior Offset Supplies and SOS Graphics and they are also being looked at too.

Politics 101: Don't try to rewrite history with someone who made it

There is something wrong with someone who writes to clarify the record, has the record rewritten on behalf of the “President of the Toledo Board of Education”. That sums up what Steven Steel tries to do in a response from a community member trying to clarify some misconceptions.

Drawing the lines on TPS budget cuts and redistricting

Because I believe there are going to be drastic cuts and redistricting that will affect black and poor children in the Toledo Public School District, I am making this e-mail public as an Open Letter to Mr. Jim Gault, the Superintendent of Middle and High Schools. Mr. Gault received this letter as an e-mail on December 8, 2008 and there was no response. I then hand delivered a hard copy to him on December 16, 2008, there has still not been a response. This Open Letter could include the District's administration, and teaching staff, but because the meeting took place with and involved Mr.

11 TPS teachers achieve highest certification

Eleven of Ohio's newest 175 educators to be certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards are from Toledo Public Schools.

Certification in the voluntary assessment program is the highest credential in the teaching profession.

The process usually takes one to three years. Teachers achieve certification through a rigorous, performance-based assessment.

Cleveland schools official Daniel Burns suspended after state audit

Former TPS business manager is suspended for irregularities. Interesting....

CLEVELAND — Daniel Burns, a top-ranking administrator under Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders, has been placed on paid leave while the state auditor's office investigates purchasing practices.

A routine state audit turned up questions about equipment valued at about $160,000, according to the district.
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11/25 TPS Board Meeting Live Blog and Live Audio

Cell phone reception willing, I will have a live blog of the TPS board meeting this evening. Coverage starts at 5:30PM. I will also be streaming the event live. Check the live blog for the latest notes. Please forgive misspellings and things that don't make sense. It is hard to type and listen at the same time and sometimes one takes over the other :)
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