Toledo Public Schools

Toledo Public Schools

Because our Children are better than we are....TOLEDO TAKES THREE!!


I am asking that we help our teachers in the district with supplies, volunteering, books...etc....

Five minutes of our time or five dollars from our pockets can truly mean a lot a classroom.

There are a few teachers in the area that have reached out to me that are struggling to get supplies that they need. If you have are able to please reach out to me by leaving a comment here or at

Something as simple as a pencil could help make a child our next big journalist in Toledo!

The Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form

The Toledo Plan is one of the issues that divides the community. There are those in favor of it and those against it. The Board must weigh many factors and make a decision. We would like to clear the air regarding our stance on the Toledo Plan.

We believe the Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form. Here are some supporting reasons why the Toledo Plan suffers from a number of flaws:

• TFT leadership control through the intern consulting teachers and the board of review of the firing of intern teachers;

Swampbubblers We Have a English Teacher Among Us.

His name is Anonymous cOWARD, we all should congratulate him on bringing his talents as an English teacher to Swampbubbles. Dot all I's and cross all your T's, and make sure u oops you have proper sentence structure.

Toledo Public School's Audit results.

Toledo Public School's commissioned audit will be 500 pages long and will offer 31 recommendations. The Toledo Free Press reports:

Democratic Party and the Toledo Public School Board

The Democratic party in Toledo has pretty much sounded the death knell for Toledo Public Schools, along with the help of Republican party. For years the Democrats have run candidates for the school board that have no interest in making changes, improving academics, educating the populace or challenging the unions, especially the TFT. The Republicans have never run a credible candidate other than Chris Myers, when he ran with the "Three for Change." That was the closest Toledo came to actually saving TPS.

African American Parents' Association

Let me tell you about the African American Parents' Association: AAPA is an organization made up of parents, students and community members who have a vested interest in the Toledo Public School System. Our mission is to empower parents and their student in knowing, and exercising their rights to a free and appropriate education, which is a property right guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. We are unashamedly for children and inform parents that they need to 1. Know the rules, 2. Know the law, 3. Know your rights, 4. Know how to advocate for your child.

Ron Spitulski: Every student has a right to a fair hearing.

Toledo Public School hearing officer disrupts hearing of student because of a temper tantrum. Ron Spitulski throws a temper tantrum during hearing for student. Is this what we pay taxes for? An out of control hearing officer begs the question, "IS TPS still the best choice?"

If the Stikii shoes fit, your child might just become famous!

Is your kid special, does he or she like performing, modeling, singing or acting? Does your child like to be on camera or take pictures? Is your little one-not-so-little? Are they outgoing, easy to get along with, a natural leader? If they are NONE of those things, are they just plain CUTE AND ADORABLE? Would they like free Stikii shoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get your children involved with the Stikii Kids Club contest.

Letter to the superintendent about Lisa Sobecki

Sent via e-mail:
Mr. Pecko, Further to my request for permission to document the interior of the skills center, I bring to your attention a matter that was sent to me.

The source is well known and respected.



In the next 12 months, a single event is likely to change everything about our normal way of life. A free video exposes the incredible story HERE.

Carlos Slim World's Richest Person...

Well what the hell is he doing for Mexico????? and his would think he could come up with some kind of job creation for his country....


This is not about the kids, or collective bargaining rights, its a political move to keep democratic money flowing into the democratic playing fields. Unions want to keep control of that money, they don't want the states to have that control.. Its also about bankrupting states..


Shows that this is just a democratic agenda to hold on to power...NOTHING MORE..

America's 20 Most Miserable Cities... GUESS WHAT WE MADE IT....

America's 20 Most Miserable Cities, Toledo made it at number 12, Sad...Goggle it...

Who is more unethical..

The Toledo Bland (Blade)
76% (22 votes)
The New York Lies (Times)
24% (7 votes)
Total votes: 29


The November election said nothing to this administration, they don't care about re-election they are going full bore on obtaining their agenda. They can't possibly think they are getting re-elected. Here is just a few of the earmarks in the Ominbus bill...

Three hundred fifty thousand dollars for cool-season legume research in Idaho, North Dakota and Washington. A half million dollars for road roundabouts in Mississippi. And $1 million for arthropod damage in Nevada.

Wow! Obama as well as the Mayor, Gerken, and the School Board still really don't get it...

Obama still doesn't get it, a Republican 60 seat swing including his previously owned Dem seat in Chicago ,and he gets on TV and says the results of Tuesday election were because we (Obama ) didn’t do enough fast enough. This guy is really out of touch.

Hey Wolfie, What Happened Yesterday?............

Wolfie and cohorts I thought we were on the right path, what happened, did America see what you could not...... Hip Hip Horay we have blocked the road to socialism...

Toledo in spotlight again, albeit a small spotlight

Toledo made the news again in a story broadcast on 10/12 by Rush Limbaugh - although nothing like the current flap over a uniform worn by a congressional candidate.

Teacher Used as a Prop by Obama Gets Laid Off

The Obama 'Kiss of Death' Hits Toledo

I missed Rush this afternoon, so while listening to the podcast tonight my ears perked up when I heard Toledo being mentioned.

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