Toledo Express

Flights so cheap, nobody wants them!

Wow.... Just poking around the JetAmerica Website, and it appears that the demand for cheap seats has been grossly overstated.

I've been watching the fares on the new service offered by JetAmerica. When the new flights were announced, the $9 fares became scare after about a week. Not nearly as fast as I expected, since there were only "9 to 19 seats" available at that fare.

But interestingly, the $9 fare fares have returned. Even on the first flight, which generally is filled up with local politicians and media.

Northwest/Delta adding flights/seats at Toledo Express

An increase from 4 daily flights to 6 daily flights, upgrades from turboprop to jet service, and a 48% increase in the number of seats offered daily. Way to go TOL! In today's economy, it's great to see an airline making it easier to get to Toledo. Delta (Northwest) could just as easily end all service here. Lets hope it brings bigger and better things to our airport in the future.

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