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The Blade's twisted priorities

There's something very telling about today's Blade, especially in the second section. There's a page 1, above the fold article about a dog recovering from a gunshot wound, complete with large photo. Meanwhile, on page 2 they stick an article about a local National Guardsman recovering from a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Sums up the Blades twisted priorities nicely, don't you think?

Editor Ron Royhab of 'The Blade' Retiring

According to "Editor and Publisher," there are a good number of changes at the Blade announced in the last couple of days. Couple of major openings and forced furloughs are the changes mentioned in the story. This is the second leadership shift for Block Communications' print division, the end of July Diana Block stepped down as President of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Nothing found on county hard drives

Tiffin Advertiser Tribune is reporting that after 20k was spent investigating the hard drives of Seneca County Commisioner's computers, nothing was found.
Attorneys for the county said the search brought forth no evidence the former Seneca County Board of Commissioners conducted any improper meetings, and do not support The Blade's allegation against the board it discussed matters relating to the demolition of the 1884 courthouse outside of public meetings.

Troy Neff Show: BREAKING NEWS - Collins Fires Off Letter To The Mayor About Blade Ad

This is brought to you from the only show that brings you the newsmakers everyday. After seeing the full page ad in The Toledo Blade to Barack Obama, Michael Collins picked up the phone to call the Troy Neff Show FIRST. Tomorrow on the only am radio talk show that gets newsmakers, Troy will have Toledo's biggest newsmaker of all, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

The Toledo Blade IS communist-big time!

The Toledo Blade is SOCIALIST,not quite COMMUNIST,close though.Proof is ample! They crybabied when Champion Spark Plug, was looking for incentives to stay in Toledo.NONE was offered.!!! So,to earn an extra $9 million a year in lower taxes,lower electric rates,lower health care costs,etc., they moved to Iowa!

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